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The Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center promotes energy security by working alongside government, industry, civil society, and public stakeholders to devise pragmatic solutions to the geopolitical, sustainability, and economic challenges of the changing global energy landscape.

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Jan 20, 2022

By intervening in Kazakhstan, Russia strengthens its hand in China’s energy market

By Paddy Ryan

A Russian-led intervention to quell violent protests in Kazakhstan will undoubtedly come with strings attached. Kazakhstan may fall even further into Russia's energy orbit, unraveling the country's carefully crafted multi-vector foreign policy and putting its relationship with China to the test.

Central Asia Energy & Environment


Jan 20, 2022

Turkey’s muted response to Cyprus’ offshore drilling reflects a new diplomatic reality

By By Serhat S. Cubukcuoglu

Turkey's response, or lack thereof, to Cyprus' recent moves to capitalize on natural gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean marks a shift in diplomatic tone. While Turkey's stance has not changed, under the surface lies a changing geopolitical and economic reality.

Geopolitics & Energy Security Greece


Jan 19, 2022

Don’t believe Putin’s propaganda. Sanctions are hurting Russia.

By Harley Balzer

International sanctions imposed on Russia since 2014 in response to Moscow's attack on Ukraine continue to have a negative impact on the country's economy despite Kremlin efforts to claim otherwise.

Conflict Defense Technologies

Global Energy Agenda

Jan 19, 2022

The 2022 Global Energy Agenda

By Randolph Bell, Jennifer T. Gordon, Ameya Hadap, and Paul Kielstra (Editors)

The second edition of the Global Energy Agenda provides context for the year that has passed. It features a survey of thought leaders in the energy sector, as well as a series of essays by the leading figures in energy, to set the energy agenda for 2022.

Energy & Environment Geopolitics & Energy Security


Jan 18, 2022

Is the GCC ready to embrace sustainable finance?

By Dominik Treeck, Mustafa Domanic, and Hendrik Wittrock

To avoid falling behind on their grand economic growth ambitions, Gulf Cooperation Council countries should act decisively by putting sustainable finance policies at the top of their agendas.

Economy & Business Energy & Environment


Jan 16, 2022

Calls grow within Germany for tougher stance towards Putin’s Russia

By Alexander Motyl

German foreign policy experts have published an appeal demanding Germany’s Russia policy be fundamentally changed from tacit encouragement to open resistance of Vladimir Putin’s expansionist designs.

Conflict Corruption

New Atlanticist

Jan 13, 2022

Treat the Mediterranean like the center of the world again. Europe’s climate security depends on it.

By Katerina Sokou

Tackling climate change in the vulnerable coastal ecosystem requires a truly regional approach.

Climate Change & Climate Action Resilience


Jan 11, 2022

Ukrainians call on US Senate to sanction Putin’s pipeline weapon

By Ukrainian civil society representatives

US senators are set to vote in the coming days on a bill for new sanctions against Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Ukrainian civil society representatives have issued an appeal calling on senators to back sanctions.

Conflict Economic Sanctions

In the News

Jan 6, 2022

Sullivan in Arab News: There is no such thing as clean energy: Cleaner energy, yes

Energy & Environment

New Atlanticist

Jan 5, 2022

Kazakhstan is in chaos. Here’s why the West should be watching.

By Dan Peleschuk

Atlantic Council experts break down what's at stake for Russia, energy supplies, and the future of the strategically located Central Asian nation.

Central Asia Europe & Eurasia