Ukrainians people living in Krakow and their supporters are seen during the Solidarity With Ukraine protest in Krakow's Main Square, on the 232nd day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

New Atlanticist

Nov 11, 2022

Russian War Report: Ukrainians celebrate in Kherson as Russia evacuates the city

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

As Russian forces retreat from Kherson, Ukrainians celebrate online and in-person. While the overall status of the withdrawal remains in flux, today’s footage shows Russia is no longer in control of the central parts of Kherson. 

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Ukrainian first responders attempt to quash a fire ignited by a Russian missile attack in Zaporizhzhia, October, 11, 2022. (Source: State Emergency Service of Ukraine via Reuters Connect

New Atlanticist

Oct 14, 2022

Russian War Report: Russia escalates war by targeting cities across Ukraine

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Russia escalated its war against Ukraine this week with missile attacks and airstrikes on cities across the country, including the first serious attack in the capital Kyiv in months.

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Oct 13, 2022

Meet the Ukrainian TV star fundraising millions for the country’s war effort

By Oleksii Antoniuk, Andrew D’Anieri

TV host Serhiy Prytula is being tipped by many as a rising star of Ukrainian politics but for now he is fully occupied in his current role leading crowdfunding efforts for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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Oct 12, 2022

No, Russia’s airstrike escalation is not retaliation for the Crimean Bridge

By Razom Advocacy Team

International media coverage depicting Russia's recent airstrike escalation as retaliation for the alleged Ukrainian attack on the Crimean Bridge risks creating false equivalency over Vladimir Putin's war of aggression.

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Footage shows the aftermath of the morning shelling in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, on Thursday Oct 6, 2022. 7 missile strikes on Zaporizhzhia! Destroyed residential buildings, according to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. Rescue workers are now combing through the shattered remains of one elegant five-storey apartment building. Zaporizhzhia regional head Oleksandr Starukh said one woman was killed. Another seven people, including a three-year-old child, were injured. The Ukrainian-held city is the capital of the eponymous Zaporizhzhia region, which Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this week declared annexed, along with three other Ukrainian regions - Donetsk and Luhansk in the east, and Kherson in the south. Ukraine and its Western allies condemned the move. Moscow does not fully control any of the four regions, and in recent weeks Ukrainian troops have made significant advances in the the country's north-east and south. (State Emergency Service of Ukraine via EYEPRESS)

New Atlanticist

Oct 7, 2022

Russian War Report: Ukraine recaptures territory as Russia uses Iranian drone near Kyiv

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Russia has began its use of Iranian-made drones to try and slow the Ukrainian counter-offensive, a mass grave found near Lyman, and Russian Telegram praises the "pro-Russia" coup in Burkina Faso.

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Automating the fight

Sep 20, 2022

Is cutting-edge military tech really cheaper than manpower?

By Daniel Vardiman

Automation won't necessarily lower the military budget—but it will lead to increased readiness and a more effective force.

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Sep 2, 2022

How Turkey can play a more constructive role in Russia’s war on Ukraine

By Yevgeniya Gaber

For Ankara to create regional peace and stability, it must boost support to Kyiv rather than pressure it into compromise.

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Aug 30, 2022

The Ukrainian military must reorganize to defeat Russia

By Richard D. Hooker, Jr.

Ukraine has achieved military miracles to derail Russia's invasion plans but reorganization of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is necessary if the country is to be fully liberated from Russian occupation, writes Richard D. Hooker, Jr.

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Airpower after Ukraine

Aug 30, 2022

The Ukraine war and its impact on Russian development of autonomous weapons

By Samuel Bendett

Moscow's plans to employ autonomous systems on the battlefield may be set back by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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Airpower after Ukraine

Aug 30, 2022

Air denial: The dangerous illusion of decisive air superiority

By Maximillian K. Bremer and Kelly A. Grieco

The air war in Ukraine challenges traditional paradigms of air superiority. US and allied air forces must instead contemplate air denial strategies.

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