Thu, Apr 15, 2021

Baby bottle coffee drinks and censorship: The ultimate guide to Arab TikTok

Although TikTok provides a platform for creative expression and political speech, repressive governments around the world attempt to censor users—and the Middle East is no exception. Those in charge are fearful of the app’s quick-sharing nature, which can allow anything from popular dances to government slander to spread rapidly.

MENASource by Samantha Treiman

Media Middle East

Thu, Apr 15, 2021

Russian-language media: Can Ukraine compete with the Kremlin?

Putin's hybrid war against Ukraine has relied heavily on disinformation and the weaponization of Russian-language media, but Ukraine remains best-placed among the former Soviet republics to lead the fight back.

UkraineAlert by Mitchell Polman

Disinformation Media

Fri, Apr 9, 2021

Jordan was never ‘boring.’ A vibrant protest movement has been ignored for too long.

The greatest risk to Jordan’s stability remains that political and economic reform has been delayed for too long, and the little space that remains for Jordanians to express their legitimate frustration and dissent is narrowing every day.

MENASource by Tuqa Nusairat

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Wed, Apr 7, 2021

Nia quoted in Al Jazeera on whether Clubhouse promotes democracy in Iran

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Iran Media

Wed, Apr 7, 2021

Dagres joins BBC to discuss the Iranian presence on Clubhouse

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Civil Society Iran

Fri, Apr 2, 2021

Azodi quoted in PRI on Clubhouse propaganda in Iran

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Civil Society Iran

Thu, Apr 1, 2021

How Putin made the international media his unwitting accomplices

Vladimir Putin's hybrid war against Ukraine relies heavily on deliberate disinformation and blanket denials. By prioritizing impartiality over accuracy, the international media has often played the role of unwitting accomplice.

UkraineAlert by Peter Dickinson

Conflict Disinformation

Wed, Mar 31, 2021

How the Maduro regime’s intensifying crackdown is harming women

Including women and women’s civil-society groups in peacebuilding efforts is essential to strengthening and advancing a more inclusive and diverse—and, ultimately, successful—approach to rebuilding Venezuela’s democratic institutions.

New Atlanticist by Cristina Guevara

International Norms Latin America

Tue, Mar 30, 2021

Alexander Ruiz with Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security: National strategy to combat disinformation around COVID-19 and future pandemics

Nonresident Senior Fellow Alex Ruiz in a report on the need to adopt a national strategy to combat misinformation and disinformation around COVID-19 and future public health threats.

In the News by the GeoTech Center

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Tue, Mar 30, 2021

Riaz launches report on media ownership in Bangladesh

In the News by Atlantic Council

Bangladesh Media