Mar 6, 2023

Amid Pakistan’s political and economic turmoil, risks to curbs on digital freedoms grow

By Uzair Younus

Growing polarization and instability in Pakistan have increased the likelihood that as elections draw near, curbs on speech, largely limited thus far to television channels, may extend to internet platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Mar 3, 2023

Critical connectivity: Reducing the price of data in African markets

By Aubrey Hruby

This report analyzes the current state of the digital transformation in Africa and outlines how affordable and accessible data is imperative for further development.

Africa Digital Policy
DFRLab satellite analysis shows increased Russian aerial activity on the Saki military airbase in western Crimea. (Source: DFRLab via

New Atlanticist

Mar 3, 2023

Russian War Report: DFRLab confirms increased Russian air force activity as Kremlin strives to achieve air dominance

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Russia intensified its air power in recent weeks across airfields in Crimea and Rostov Oblast. Elsewhere, Russia continues to pressure Bahkmut.

Africa Conflict
Russian bombardment of telecommunications antennas in Kiev


Feb 27, 2023

A parallel terrain: Public-private defense of the Ukrainian information environment

By Emma Schroeder and Sean Dack

The report analyzes Russia’s continuous assaults against the Ukrainian information environment, and examines how Russian offensives and Ukrainian defense both move through this largely privately owned and operated environment. The report highlights key questions that must emerge around the growing role that private companies play in conflict.

Conflict Cybersecurity
Radar imagery, captured between January 25 and January 30, 2023, shows air defense system interference patterns. Source: DFRLab via Sentinel-1 on 5Ghz Interference Locator via Google Earth Engine)

New Atlanticist

Feb 3, 2023

Russian War Report: Satellite imagery indicates a build-up of air defense missile systems in southern Russia

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Satellite imagery suggests the build-up of air defense missile systems in southern Russia while Ukraine warns of a potential spring Russian offensive.

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The 5x5

Jan 30, 2023

The 5×5—China’s cyber operations

By Simon Handler

Experts provide insights into China’s cyber behavior, its structure, and how its operations differ from those of other states.

China Cybersecurity


Jan 24, 2023

Putin is facing defeat in the information war

By Peter Dickinson

Russia's entire invasion of Ukraine has been built on a web of deceit but Putin is now facing defeat in the information war as the gap between the Kremlin's alternative reality and the real world becomes too big to bridge.

Conflict Disinformation
Igor Turashev, wanted by the FBI for his connection to computer malware that infected “tens of thousands of computers,” reportedly participated in a December 2022 Russian hackathon hosted by the Wagner Group. (Source:

New Atlanticist

Jan 13, 2023

Russian War Report: Russian hacker wanted by the FBI reportedly wins Wagner hackathon prize 

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

In December 2022, Wagner Group organized a hackathon that was won by a man wanted by the FBI for his connection to computer malware.

Conflict Cybersecurity


Jan 12, 2023

Post-war Ukraine needs a smart digital transformation strategy

By Anatoly Motkin

The war with Russia is far from over but it is important to begin looking ahead and setting the stage for Ukraine's post-war digital transformation, writes StrategEast Center president Anatoly Motkin.

Civil Society Conflict

In the News

Jan 11, 2023

Propp in Lawfare: Gentlemen’s Rules for Reading Each Other’s Mail: The New OECD Principles on Government Access to Personal Data Held by Private Sector Entities

Europe Center nonresident senior fellow Kenneth Propp reviews the finalized version of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) “Declaration on Government Access to Personal Data Held by Private Sector Entities,” which aims to document protections government have in place for access to individuals’ data. The OECD declaration is a notable accomplishment because it […]

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