Apr 10, 2024

A diplomatic solution in Sudan demands greater US engagement with its Arab allies

By Manal Fatima

Halting external support to the generals is crucial to achieving peace in Sudan and setting it on the path to civilian-led rule. 

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Freedom and Prosperity Around the World

Feb 26, 2024

Stabilizing revenue will lead Kenya to greater prosperity

By Robert Mudida

Kenya aims to grow manufacturing and GDP via the African Continental Free Trade Area. Formalizing informal jobs stabilizes revenue. Expanding global value chains, especially in tourism, boosts growth. Institutional reform is key for lasting prosperity.

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In the News

Feb 22, 2024

Bakir for The New Arab: How Ethiopia’s Red Sea deal could impact Israel, Egypt, and the UAE

By Atlantic Council

East Africa Economy & Business


Feb 22, 2024

What the Ethiopia-Somaliland deal means for Washington’s strategy in the Red Sea

By Maxwell Webb

Developments around the deal could bring simmering conflicts to a boil—or they could potentially advance peace and prosperity in the region.

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The view of boats on the red Sea.


Jan 8, 2024

The long shadow of the Red Sea shipping disruption

By Alex Mills

Recent attacks on shipping moving through the red sea have exposed broader risks around international maritime commerce. Policy makers must use this wake-up call to build a more resilient international shipping ecosystem.

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Dec 21, 2023

What Kenya’s proposed mission to Haiti says about Nairobi’s foreign policy

By Sibi Nyaoga

Success in Ruto’s foreign policy approach depends, in part, on the success of this mission to Haiti—one that will be hard to come by.

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SENSITIVE MATERIAL. THIS IMAGE MAY OFFEND OR DISTURB Bodies of killed people are seen at a site of a Russian military strike, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, in the village of Hroza, in Kharkiv region, Ukraine October 5, 2023. REUTERS/Vyacheslav Madiyevskyy

New Atlanticist

Oct 5, 2023

Russian War Report: Civilian cafe attacked and a fake Ukrainian news site is exposed

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

A suspicious website impersonating a Ukrainian news agency accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Ukrainian leadership of corruption and misusing aid provided by the United States.

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Aug 16, 2023

Digital identities and border cultures: The limits of technosolutionism in the management of human mobility

By Nanjala Nyabola

A paper to better inform the conversation around technology’s impact on democracy by evaluating technosolutionism and its application to the management of human mobility.

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Democracy Derailed - Sudan's Precarious Information Environment


Aug 8, 2023

Sudan’s precarious information environment and the fight for democracy

By Tessa Knight, Lujain Alsedeg

An examination of the time from December 2018, when protests against then-president Omar al-Bashir first broke out, and December 2022, when a framework agreement between civilian and military leaders came into play.

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USA and Sudan flags

Issue Brief

Aug 8, 2023

A US agenda for action in Sudan’s information environment

By Cameron Hudson

A brief on how the United States and Sudan can collaborate on combatting disinformation and building up the African nation's democratic potential.

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