Past events

Wed, Mar 17, 2021

Salahi joins the Rome 2021 MED Dialogue to discuss the Syrian quagmire


Human Rights Middle East

Thu, Mar 18, 2021

Pursuing war crimes: The meaning of justice in the Syria context

Online Event Experts discuss prospects of accountability and justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria.

10:00am International Norms Middle East Rule of Law Syria

Thu, Mar 4, 2021

The future of ISIS

Online Event Experts discussed the legacy of ISIS detainees and returnees, as well as strategies against a potential resurgence in Iraq and Syria.

11:30am Iraq Middle East Syria Terrorism

Fri, Jan 8, 2021

Kazakhstan’s repatriation of foreign fighters and their families

Online Event As one of the main sources of foreign fighters for the conflict in Syria and Iraq, Central Asia now faces the security and humanitarian challenge of repatriating foreign fighters and their families. What was behind Kazakhstan’s decision to repatriate its citizens, and what can other countries learn from Kazakhstan’s progress?

9:00am Central Asia Conflict Human Rights International Norms

Thu, Dec 10, 2020

50 years of the Assad dynasty

Online Event, Public Event A distinguished panel of experts discusses the 50 years of the Assad regime, its legacy, and implications for Syria, the region, Europe, and the US.

2:00pm Corruption Europe & Eurasia Human Rights Middle East

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Fri, Sep 17, 2021

Syria after the fall of Kabul: A European perspective

There is at least one common factor between Syria and Afghanistan: just as the Taliban has not changed once it took back power, the Bashar al-Assad regime will not change once its power is affirmed.

MENASource by Michel Duclos

Middle East Politics & Diplomacy

Wed, Sep 15, 2021

Renewed hostilities in Daraa offer lessons and opportunities in Syria. But will Washington pay attention?

Prolonged unrest in the south highlights rifts within the pro-Bashar al-Assad camp, notably between Iran and Damascus on one side and Russia on the other, potentially presenting a unique opportunity for diplomacy.

MENASource by Alexander Langlois

Middle East Politics & Diplomacy

Tue, Sep 7, 2021

Does treating Syria as a State Sponsor of Terrorism advance or hold back US national security interests?

In 1979, the United States designated Syria as a state sponsor of terrorism, putting it on its first-ever such list along with Libya, Iraq, and the former South Yemen.

Article by Nate Rosenblatt

Middle East National Security

Fri, Sep 3, 2021

Afghanistan demonstrates why it’s time for a clear Syria policy, starting with northeast Syria

If Afghanistan is to teach us anything, the Biden administration should not ignore Syria by having a non-existent policy. The longer the Syrian conflict continues, the more intractable and unmanageable it becomes.

MENASource by Reem Salahi

Middle East Syria

Thu, Sep 2, 2021

Al-Masri quoted in the Times on recent Syria clashes

In the News by Atlantic Council

Conflict Crisis Management

Thu, Sep 2, 2021

To honor two generations of service members, prevent the next GWOT ribbon

Today, executive and legislative actions signal a shift: America’s military footprint in the Middle East is shrinking and thousands of troops are coming home.

MENASource by Caroline Donnal

Afghanistan Iraq

Wed, Sep 1, 2021

On the way out like Afghanistan? The Biden administration’s Syria policy labyrinth

The United States’ narrow objectives and continuous wait-and-see approach are not sustainable and the likelihood is that America’s rivals in Syria would work towards a US departure.

MENASource by Abdulrahman al-Masri

Middle East Syria

Tue, Aug 10, 2021

This organization is working with armed groups to protect Syrian civilians. Here’s how they do it.

While international efforts have not succeeded in ending the civil war in Syria, the humanitarian organization, Geneva Call aims to reduce violations committed by armed non-state actors against civilians.

MENASource by Francois Zankih

Middle East Politics & Diplomacy

Mon, Aug 9, 2021

Qaddour quoted in the Wall Street Journal on Syria’s future

In the News by Atlantic Council

Conflict Defense Policy

Sat, Aug 7, 2021

The situation in Daraa is dire. Here’s how it might play out.

Daraa province hasn’t witnessed a military campaign like this since the Bashar al-Assad regime took control of the province in July 2018.

MENASource by Navvar Saban and Manaf Kuman

Conflict Middle East