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Jan 21, 2022

The Biden administration’s Syria policy sets a path towards disengagement. Here’s why it’s problematic.

By Abdulrahman al-Masri, Reem Salahi

It appears that the Joe Biden administration isn’t only deprioritizing Syria due to a cramped foreign policy agenda, but more clearly pronouncing a lack of strategic interest and an official approach of disengagement.

Middle East Politics & Diplomacy


Jan 17, 2022

The Putin Doctrine: Russia defends autocrats from Belarus to Kazakhstan

By Victor Tregubov

The deployment of a Russia-led military mission to Kazakhstan in early January proved to be a short-lived affair. Nevertheless, it underlined Putin’s growing role as the world’s leading defender of authoritarianism.

Belarus Central Asia

New Atlanticist

Jan 14, 2022

Germany has sentenced a Syrian colonel to life for crimes against humanity. Will others face the same fate?

Now that Anwar Raslan is behind bars, activists are hoping his conviction paves the way for other bad actors of the Syrian regime to be prosecuted.

Conflict International Norms


Dec 17, 2021

2021: A year in the Middle East

By Holly Dagres

2021 was a year full of impactful elections, historic anniversaries, and new challenges for the Middle East and North Africa.

Iran Iraq

Blog Post

Nov 18, 2021

State of the Order: Assessing October 2021

The State of the Order breaks down the month's most important events impacting the democratic world order.

Belarus China

In the News

Oct 21, 2021

Qaddour quoted in The New Arab on the prospect of US normalization with the Syrian regime

By Atlantic Council

Human Rights International Norms


Oct 19, 2021

Jordan is pushing for rapprochement with Syria. But is it to reinforce artificial stability in the region?

By Laith Alajlouni

The normalization of ties with Syria is assumed to be a part of a broader regional stabilization plan that Jordan's King Abdullah advocated for during his recent visit to Washington in July.

Middle East Politics & Diplomacy

In the News

Oct 15, 2021

Sales quoted in Washington Post on the repatriation of ISIS fighters

By Atlantic Council

Conflict Defense Policy


Oct 15, 2021

Are Putin and Erdogan doing territorial swaps in Syria again?

By Ibrahim Hamidi

Talks of another territorial swap are back on the table now, amidst a common Turkish-Russian belief that the US is preparing to disengage from the Middle East, as they did with Afghanistan.

Middle East Politics & Diplomacy


Oct 6, 2021

Why Israeli gas and Syrian sanctions relief may turn on Lebanon’s lights

By Matthew Zais

Before the United States and World Bank throw a lifeline to either Bashar al-Assad or Lebanon, they should demand concessions that reduce Iranian and Russian influence in the region.

Lebanon Middle East