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Fri, Sep 13, 2019

Europe moves to curb ISIS antiquity trafficking

Global trafficking of fake and stolen antiquities is worth a whopping forty-five billion dollars a year, of which twenty billion is generated in Europe alone.

New Atlanticist by Brooks Tigner

European Union Terrorism

Mon, May 20, 2019

The Christchurch call and the failure of US leadership

The United States’ snubbing of the document represents a retreat from previous counterterrorism pledges. It also reveals a dangerous divide between the White House and US allies regarding the growing threat of white ethno-nationalist extremism.

New Atlanticist by Emerson T. Brooking

Disinformation English

Wed, May 8, 2019

Policing terror finance in an era of great competition

The United States' sanctions strategy is increasingly burdened by the involvement of systemically important financial institutions and sovereign investors in global financial statecraft.

New Atlanticist by Michael B. Greenwald

China Economic Sanctions

Sun, May 5, 2019

Terrorism’s Lethal Turn

What’s growing clearer with each day is that the United States and its allies will likely have to contend with extremist, Islamist terrorism for perhaps decades to come.  

Inflection Points by Frederick Kempe

South Asia Terrorism

Wed, May 1, 2019

In Syria, Trump claims victory but ISIS remains

US President Donald Trump’s December 2018 tweet announcing the withdrawal of American military forces from Syria has inadvertently invited ISIS (ISIL, IS, Daesh, Islamic State) to resurrect itself. Even though American officials have walked-back the presidential decree, the president himself has signaled no enduring or enthusiastic support for the essential, victory-sealing stabilization of areas liberated from ISIS.

SyriaSource by Frederic C. Hof

Extremism Syria

Mon, Apr 8, 2019

Global challenges of security and migration

A Conversation with Mr. Dimitris Avramopoulos, European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs, and Citizenship On April 8, the Future Europe Initiative hosted Mr. Dimitris Avramopoulos, European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship at a public event to share the Commission’s perspective and his personal insights on topics such as migration and terrorism in Europe […]

Program Impact Story by Atlantic Council

Europe & Eurasia European Union

Thu, Apr 4, 2019

Congolese president cites threat from ISIS, seeks US help to fight terrorism

Félix Tshisekedi seeks a "strategic partnership" with the United States to address the challenge of terrorism.

New Atlanticist by Ashish Kumar Sen

Democratic Republic of the Congo Terrorism

Wed, Mar 20, 2019

The ‘Caliphate:’ Gone by tonight or with us for decades?

An important battle in Syria has been won.  But the war will continue. 

New Atlanticist by Frederic C. Hof

Iraq Syria

Mon, Mar 4, 2019

Some child soldiers get rehabilitation, others get prison

With the rise of violent extremist groups, many countries have adopted much more aggressive counterterrorism measures, including a marked increase in the detention and prosecution of children.

New Atlanticist by Jo Becker

Iraq Terrorism

Thu, Feb 21, 2019

The curious case of Hoda Muthana: A former ISIS member and US citizen

Former ISIS members continue to emerge wanting to repatriate to their country of origin, in most cases Europe or the United States. Yet, for many countries, this poses a complex problem given the individual’s admitted involvement in a terrorist group.

MENASource by Reema Hibrawi