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Tue, Nov 24, 2020

Event recap | Jeff Rowe: AI, gene editing and guaranteeing a stable seed supply

As a part of the GeoTech Center’s AgriTechAction 2020, Mr. Jeff Rowe, President of Global Seeds for Syngenta, was interviewed by Ms. Daniella Taveau, Nonresident Senior Fellow at the GeoTech Center and expert in developing global business and regulatory strategies.

Event Recap by GeoTech Center

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Fri, Oct 30, 2020

The post-COVID world this week: Europe shuts down again and economic optimism dampens—but a hopeful example in Miami

What can we expect from a post-COVID world after a pandemic that has reshaped international affairs? A world that uses its past resilience strategies to inform new ones, like in Miami.

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Civil Society Coronavirus

Thu, Oct 29, 2020

Middle East business leaders provide perspective on the economic impact of the upcoming US presidential election

In an empowerME survey conducted in the last thirty days, thirty-two Middle East business leaders shared their views on the possible economic impact of the 2020 US Presidential election. Atlantic Council experts Kirsten Fontenrose, Amjad Ahmad, Mohsin Khan, and Jean-Francois Seznec analyzed the data and provided the following key takeaways.

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Wed, Oct 28, 2020

Transcript: A conversation with First Lady of Afghanistan Rula Ghani and former First Lady of the United States Laura Bush

The South Asia Center and the George W. Bush Institute host a conversation with First Lady Rula Ghani and former First Lady Laura Bush to discuss strategies for ensuring long-term security without compromising on the rights of women and minorities as well as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Mon, Oct 26, 2020

Qatar Development Bank CEO: The “blockade didn’t stop us from growing” and “prepared us for other shocks” like COVID-19

On October 26, 2020, empowerME hosted Qatar Development Bank CEO Abdulaziz Bin Nasser Al Khalifa for a conversation about Qatar’s efforts to boost entrepreneurship, diversify its economy, increase women’s economic participation, and prepare youth for the jobs of the future.

MENASource by Stefanie H. Ali

Coronavirus Economy & Business

Thu, Oct 22, 2020

How data trusts can democratize the AI economy and accelerate innovation

This article explores how private and public sector leaders should develop strategies for leveraging data trusts in order to produce new economic value, accelerate innovation, level the playing field of the emerging AI economy, and enable inclusive, win-win economic outcomes for all.

GeoTech Cues by George Zarkadakis, PhD

Digital Policy Resilience

Wed, Oct 14, 2020

Transcript: The 2020 Atlantic Council Distinguished Leadership Awards

At the 2020 Distinguished Leadership Awards, the Atlantic Council honored global leaders and unsung heroes responding to the political, humanitarian, and economic crises of today.

Distinguished Leadership Awards by Atlantic Council

Civil Society Resilience

Fri, Oct 9, 2020

Effective resilience and national strategy: Lessons from the pandemic and requirements for key critical infrastructures

A US national strategy for "effective resilience," the capacity to prepare for and withstand shocks of the magnitude of a major pandemic or equivalent such as a major cyberattack with any resulting disruption significantly less than that caused by COVID-19.

Report by Franklin D. Kramer

Coronavirus Crisis Management

Thu, Oct 1, 2020

Future of DHS Report quoted in Chairman Thompson’s remarks at House Rules Committee hearing

On October 1, Chairman Thompson of the House Committee on Homeland Security spoke on a panel before the House Rules Committee. In his remarks, he mentioned a recommendation from the Future of DHS Report, expressing his agreement.

Future of DHS by Atlantic Council

Cybersecurity Disinformation

Thu, Oct 1, 2020

Feed the Future: After a decade of success, let’s make it better

Feed the Future stands in the tradition of bipartisan foreign aid initiatives that have made a significant impact. Let’s seize this opportunity to improve the lives of even more families around the world by doubling down on our commitment to Feed the Future.

New Atlanticist by Daniel V. Speckhard

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