Mon, Oct 21, 2019

Poland, America, and a new West

To keep the “good times” in Poland, and the good times in US-Polish relations which helped lead the good times generally, Americans and Poles alike need to make efforts and show wisdom.

New Atlanticist by Daniel Fried

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Fri, Sep 20, 2019

How to make a lasting regime change: A guide for aspiring (democratic) reformers

Why did the Central Europeans succeed when so many efforts at regime change from within failed – ending in tears, bitter disappointment or bloodshed?

New Atlanticist by Jakub Wiśniewski

Central Europe Democratic Transitions

Thu, Jul 18, 2019

Central Europe ready to lead on strengthening the transatlantic bond

Ministers from the Visegrád countries—the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia—celebrated the deep relationship their countries have with the United States and stressed the importance of a strong transatlantic bond.

New Atlanticist by David A. Wemer

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Wed, Jul 17, 2019

The United States is back in Central Europe, state department official says

The United States has re-engaged with its allies in Central Europe at a time when their help is critical in confronting a revisionist Russia and a resurgent China

New Atlanticist by David A. Wemer

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Wed, Jul 17, 2019

The United States and Central Europe: what’s gone right, what’s gone wrong, and what’s next

As the United States learned the hard way, Central Europe matters because Europe matters

New Atlanticist by Daniel Fried

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Tue, Jun 11, 2019

Trump expected to announce US troop increase in Poland

Despite the increase in troop numbers, Poland unlikely to get 'Fort Trump,' says the Atlantic Council's Alexander Vershbow.

New Atlanticist by Ashish Kumar Sen

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Mon, May 20, 2019

Why Europe’s election matters in Poland

The election will be a vote of confidence in the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party and reveal the level of public support for two competing visions for the future of Europe: an integrationist, open, and solidarity-driven Europe or a conservative “Christian” Europe of sovereign states.

New Atlanticist by Katarzyna Pisarska

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Fri, May 3, 2019

Strengthen European Defense Cooperation Through NATO and the EU

[A] key question remains unanswered: will allied deterrence prevent possible Russian aggression during those 30 days?

NATOSource by Bogdan Klich, Project Syndicate

European Union France
Jednostka Wojskowa Komandosów soldiers training in the Stołowe Mountains, May 18, 2018 (photo: Polish Ministry of Defense).

Mon, Mar 25, 2019


Editor’s note: This short story describes a hypothetical future war in Europe between Russian and NATO forces using advanced technology.

NATOSource by Amir Husain and August Cole

NATO Poland

Fri, Mar 15, 2019

#StrongerWithAllies: US combat engineer’s job is digging foxholes to protect armored vehicles

Pilkington’s Berserker Troop platoon has been training with Polish soldiers in the huge Bemowo Piskie Training Area of northern Poland for several months.

New Atlanticist by Hal Foster

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