Fast Thinking

Oct 18, 2021

FAST THINKING: What to do about China’s hypersonic weapons

By Atlantic Council

Should US defense officials be worried about the pace of Chinese military modernization? What could China do with such weapons? Our experts fire off their thoughts.

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In the News

Oct 7, 2021

Stephen Rodriguez in the America’s future series on technological innovation

By Atlantic Council

Stephen Rodriguez discusses technological innovation and great-power competition at an event run by the America's Future Series

China Defense Technologies

Issue Brief

Oct 7, 2021

Una squadra vincente: The US-Italian defense-industrial partnership

By Mauro Gilli and James Hasik

The United States needs to more closely integrate its own defense-industrial base with those of its allies, including Italy. This issue brief focuses on the US-Italian defense-industrial partnership to enable policymakers to better understand this relationship, leverage it more comprehensively to meet key strategic objectives, and secure the supply chains necessary to ensure US national security.

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In-Depth Research & Reports

Oct 4, 2021

Introduction: Cooperation on maritime cybersecurity

By William Loomis, Virpratap Vikram Singh, Dr. Gary C. Kessler, Dr. Xavier Bellekens

It is imperative to establish at the outset that there is no silver bullet for maritime cybersecurity. This report is intended to deliver a more complete and operational plan to better protect the MTS by focusing on building upon, broadening, and deepening the priorities put forward by the National Maritime Cyber Plan by focusing on three key principles: risks and standards, information and intelligence sharing, and creating a maritime cybersecurity workforce.

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Sep 30, 2021

Experts react: The key takeaways from the Erdoğan-Putin meeting

By Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in-person in Sochi, Russia for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Atlantic Council experts give their take on the outcome.

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New Atlanticist

Sep 27, 2021

The military, intel, and law enforcement must collaborate in this new counterterrorism era

By R. Clarke Cooper

Addressing emerging threats means adopting an interagency and international approach to fighting them.

Afghanistan Conflict

Issue Brief

Sep 23, 2021

The special role of US nuclear weapons

By Matthew Kroenig

The United States needs to maintain a robust, flexible, and modernized nuclear deterrent. That means that United States needs to continue with nuclear modernization, reject a no first use (NFU) policy, and examine further nuclear capabilities.

China Defense Policy

Inflection Points

Sep 19, 2021

Xi’s big bet helps explain the Australian submarine deal

By Frederick Kempe

It is only in the context of Xi’s increased repressions at home and expanded ambitions abroad that one can fully understand Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s decision

Australia China

Fast Thinking

Sep 16, 2021

FAST THINKING: Can Australian nuclear subs help corner China?

By Atlantic Council

What impact will this deal have on competition with China? What about the allies left high and dry? Our experts emerged from the deep with the answers.

Australia China

New Atlanticist

Sep 15, 2021

Experts react: The US, UK, and Australia struck a nuclear submarine deal. What does it mean?

By Atlantic Council

The pact, known as AUKUS, is a clear challenge to China in the Indo-Pacific and a deepening of military ties among close allies of more than a century.

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