Jul 18, 2024

Ukraine’s drone success offers a blueprint for cybersecurity strategy

By Anatoly Motkin

Ukraine's rapidly expanding domestic drone industry offers a potentially appealing blueprint for the development of the country's cybersecurity capabilities, writes Anatoly Motkin.

Conflict Cybersecurity


Jul 16, 2024

Russia’s retreat from Crimea makes a mockery of the West’s escalation fears

By Peter Dickinson

The Russian Navy's quiet retreat from Crimea highlights the emptiness of Putin's red lines and the self-defeating folly of Western escalation management, writes Peter Dickinson.

Conflict Defense Policy


Jul 16, 2024

It’s time to invest in the African creatives shaping global trends

By Tom Bonsundy-O'Bryan and Josefina Bonsundy-O’Bryan

African governments, their international partners, and investors can do more to ignite Africa’s creative industries.

Africa Economy & Business


Jul 11, 2024

Hospital bombing was latest act in Russia’s war on Ukrainian healthcare

By Olha Fokaf

The bombing of Ukraine's largest children's hospital on July 8 was the latest in a series of similar attacks as Russia deliberately targets Ukrainian healthcare infrastructure, writes Olha Fokaf.

Conflict Disinformation


Jul 11, 2024

Ukraine’s prayer breakfast challenges Kremlin claims of religious persecution

By Steven Moore

Ukraine's recent National Prayer Breakfast highlighted the country's commitment to religious freedom and challenged Kremlin accusations of religious persecution in the country, writes Steven Moore.

Civil Society Conflict


Jul 10, 2024

State of the Order: In June, the world’s alliances strengthened—but concerning risks for the democratic order remain

The State of the Order breaks down the month's most important events impacting the democratic world order.

China Climate Change & Climate Action

Issue Brief

Jul 8, 2024

Turkey’s emerging and disruptive technologies capacity and NATO: Defense policy, prospects, and limitations

By Can Kasapoğlu and Sine Özkaraşahin

An issue brief exploring Turkey's defense technological ecosystem and leveraging its capabilities for the benefit of NATO.

Defense Industry Defense Policy

New Atlanticist

Jul 5, 2024

Advancing AI safety requires international collaboration. Here’s what should happen next.

By Courtney Lang

In May, ten countries and the European Union met in South Korea to establish an international network of AI safety institutes. Next, this network should focus on three specific objectives.

Artificial Intelligence Technology & Innovation


Jul 2, 2024

Putin is using Belarus to escalate his nuclear threats

By Peter Dickinson

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is increasingly using Belarus to escalate his nuclear intimidation tactics against the West, writes Peter Dickinson.

Belarus Conflict


Jul 2, 2024

Bombing Europe’s breadbasket: Russia targets Ukrainian farmers

By Hanna Hopko

Russia is attempting to destroy Ukraine's agricultural industry as part of the Kremlin's plan to undermine the economic foundations of Ukrainian statehood and pave the way for the country’s subjugation, writes Hanna Hopko.

Conflict Drones