Dec 2, 2022

Saudi Arabia lost at the 2022 World Cup. But its sports sector is winning.

By Lujain Alotaibi

The sports sector is one of the vital pillars of Saudi Vision 2030 and the Ministry of Sport’s dedication is tangible in Saudi Arabia, where one can witness the enhanced facilities and increased citizen participation in sports.

Middle East Politics & Diplomacy

China-MENA Podcast

Nov 22, 2022

China-Israel Relations

By Atlantic Council

Assaf Orion joins us to discuss the complex Sino-Israeli relationship, Israel’s perspective on China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the Chinese-operated port of Haifa in Northern Israel, China’s meddling in Israeli domestic affairs and its role in the Israel-Palestine question, and Israel’s perspective on China's grand strategy on MENA.

China East Asia

New Atlanticist

Nov 10, 2022

Punish Riyadh or play it cool? How the United States can renegotiate its relationship with Saudi Arabia.

By Kirsten Fontenrose

A deep-dive look at the US-Saudi relationship reveals some surprising points for cooperation—and that the Saudi-Russia oil tie-up may be less than it seems.

Economy & Business Energy & Environment

New Atlanticist

Oct 20, 2022

US missile defense can put a stop to the Middle East arms race

By Alex Elnagdy

Coupling missile-defense assistance with missile and bomb reductions can help the US break free of its short-sighted Middle East policies of the past.

Arms Control Crisis Management

China-MENA Podcast

Oct 20, 2022

Arab Barometer and Perceptions of China in MENA

By Atlantic Council

Michael Robbins joins us to discuss the region's perception of China based on the Arab Barometer's surveys conducted in MENA, and the different perspectives of the general public versus the elite—as the latter tends to be more favorable toward Beijing.

China East Asia


Oct 11, 2022

Riyadh crosses the Rubicon toward Russia

By David L. Goldwyn, Andrea Clabough

OPEC+ ministers' decision to slash oil production will boost Russia's revenues and aid Putin's war effort tremendously. It could signify a marked realignment of Saudi Arabia's strategic priorities away from Washington.

Energy & Environment Geopolitics & Energy Security

New Atlanticist

Oct 6, 2022

Inside the Saudi calculus on oil cuts—and the US response

By Jonathan Panikoff

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's transactional approach carries risks when it comes to US strategic posture in the region.

Geopolitics & Energy Security Middle East

Event Recap

Oct 3, 2022

New laws in Saudi Arabia support women in business, and society is catching up quickly

By Amira Attia

On September 28, the Atlantic Council’s empowerME initiative held a discussion on regulations and laws that impact women in business in Saudi Arabia.

Economy & Business Financial Regulation

China-MENA Podcast

Sep 29, 2022

China in MENA: An EU Perspective

By Atlantic Council

Camille Lons joins us to discuss how Europeans and the EU see China as a rising global player in the geopolitics of the Middle East and North Africa.

China East Asia

New Atlanticist

Sep 8, 2022

How South Asian countries can protect their migrant workers abroad

By Elaine Zhang

India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have a role to play in creating safer and more prosperous conditions for their citizens working abroad.

Human Rights Inclusive Growth