Sun, May 9, 2021

Four Mideast signs of change offer historic opportunity. Here’s how Biden can build on them.

A positive series of loosely connected events across the Middle East offers the best opportunity in memory for reducing tensions, ending conflict, building economic progress, and advancing regional integration.

Inflection Points by Frederick Kempe

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Thu, Apr 29, 2021

Adding an Ishmael Track to the Abraham Accords: How to pursue détente between Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE

Most Middle East observers thought that they would never see normalization between Arabs and Israelis in their lifetimes. Now that we have seen this step taken—this chasm jumped—there is no reason not to envision Arab-Iranian normalization if the regimes prioritize long-term national interests like their economies, their self-sufficiency, and the future well-being of their publics. This roadmap is theirs for the taking.

New Atlanticist by Kirsten Fontenrose

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Mon, Apr 5, 2021

The end of the Gulf rift may not signal the end of Turkey-Qatar relations

Early this year, changing regional power balances drove Qatar and the GCC bloc to a normalization agreement, almost four years after the imposition of an embargo on Qatar. During that time, Qatar and Turkey developed an increasingly close and multifaceted relationship. Although cutting military ties between Qatar and Turkey had been on the original list of demands issued by the Saudi led bloc, don't expect any in Turkey-Qatar relations.

TURKEYSource by Meliha Benli Altunışık

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Mon, Apr 5, 2021

US Mission to Saudi Arabia announces new women’s entrepreneurship program in partnership with Atlantic Council, AmCham Saudi Arabia, and Quantum Leaps

On March 31, the Atlantic Council’s empowerME initiative hosted an event in partnership with the US Mission to Saudi Arabia, AmCham Saudi Arabia's Women in Business Committee, and Quantum Leaps to mark the launch of their new joint program: IGNITING Women's Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Saudi Arabia.

MENASource by Allison Holle

Civil Society Education

Wed, Mar 31, 2021

Arab News covered the Atlantic Council’s event on empowerME’s new IGNITE program

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Tue, Mar 16, 2021

State of the Order: Assessing February 2021

The State of the Order breaks down the month's most important events impacting the democratic world order.

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Sun, Mar 7, 2021

Fontenrose quoted in New York Post on the Khashoggi report

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Intelligence Middle East

Sun, Mar 7, 2021

Fontenrose quoted in Saudi Gazette on the Khashoggi report

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Intelligence Middle East

Sun, Mar 7, 2021

Fontenrose quoted in Asharq Al-Awsat on the Khashoggi report

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Intelligence Middle East

Fri, Mar 5, 2021

Fontenrose joins BBC to discuss the future of US-Saudi relations

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