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Sat, Jul 17, 2021

Manning in Voice of America Korea: US experts “Deputy Secretary Sherman’s visit to Japan and South Korea strengthened trilateral cooperation… China checks, discusses the North Korean situation”

On July 17, Robert Manning was quoted for a Voice of America Korea article about Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman’s recent trip to South Korea and Japan, and his interview was included in a broadcast to North Korea. Manning made the point that the Biden administration is demonstrating a real commitment to the trilateral […]

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Mon, Jun 28, 2021

Garlauskas quoted in Foreign Policy on North Korea’s evolving missile capabilities

Markus Garlauskas was quoted in a Foreign Policy article published on June 28 that discussed key challenges likely to limit the Biden Administration’s prospects for constructive diplomacy with North Korea. Garlauskas highlighted the need for the US to restart large-scale military exercises and enhance missile defense capabilities in the Indo-Pacific, saying that it is necessary […]

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Thu, Jun 24, 2021

Manning in Voice of America Korea: US experts “North Korea in the midst of economic hardship, ‘survival’ close to China … ‘Chinese card’ will not work” [translated from Korean]

On June 24, Robert Manning was quoted in a Voice of America Korea article about North Korea’s relationship with China and its implications on negotiations with the United States. Manning spoke on the importance of understanding North Korea’s dependence on China for its basic survival during a time of domestic scarcity. “For North Korea, for […]

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Thu, Jun 17, 2021

Manning in Voice of America Korea: Korea’s tight-knit diplomacy… “We need to join the ‘United Front against China'” [translated from Korean]

On June 17, Robert Manning was quoted in a Voice of America Korea article about the position South Korea finds itself in regarding US-China relations. Manning made the point that, while South Korea has geographic and historical economic ties to China, much of its recent policy has been to build closer economic ties with the […]

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Wed, Jun 16, 2021

Are dual-capable weapon systems destabilizing? Questioning nuclear-conventional entanglement and inadvertent escalation

Some fear that nuclear-conventional entanglement--the use of the same weapons or sensors for nuclear and conventional weapons--could lead to nuclear war. Are they right? This issue brief argues that fears of entanglement leading to nuclear war are misplaced and rest on poor logical and empirical foundations.

Issue Brief by Matthew Kroenig, Mark J. Massa

China Conflict

Fri, Jun 4, 2021

Garlauskas on The Washington Times Foundation forum: North Korea’s pre-negotiation moves

On June 1, Markus Garlauskas participated in a monthly forum, The Washington Brief, hosted by The Washington Times Foundation, to discuss ongoing interactions between Washington and Pyongyang over a possible resumption of the stalled denuclearization talks. His comments during the event were quoted in a follow-up article by The Washington Times. Discussing Pyongyang’s possible moves […]

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Wed, May 26, 2021

Manning in The Hill: Biden’s invisible foreign policy success

On May 26, Robert Manning published an op-ed in The Hill that highlighted an overlooked success of the Biden administration’s foreign policy: the summit with South Korea. He notes various strategic gains in technology cooperation that signal a U.S.-South Korea partnership beyond a security alliance. “The tech and geopolitical steps declared at the summit will […]

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Sat, May 22, 2021

FAST THINKING: How do you solve a problem like North Korea?

Our experts break down the White House meeting between US President Joe Biden and South Korean President Moon Jae-in on North Korea, space, trade, and more.

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Fri, May 21, 2021

The mythology of a rising Asia…and how America can make a difference

The mythology of a rising Asia is not entirely accurate. This is because much of the regional economic growth has been accompanied by worsening social outcomes. However, as the Biden administration asserts a renewed US focus on the region, these worsening social outcomes provide a strong opportunity for engagement.

Blog Post by Vasuki Shastry

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Thu, May 13, 2021

Manning in Voice of America Korea: Meeting of the heads of information agencies between Japan and the United States… Sharing evaluation of North Korea information and strengthening trilateral cooperation [translated from Korean]

On May 13, Robert Manning was interviewed by Voice of America Korea about trilateral cooperation between the United States, South Korea, and Japan on North Korea. “President Biden has made the U.S.-Korea-Japan trilateral intelligence and security cooperation as a cornerstone of his North Korea policy. And given the threats of North Korea continuing development of […]

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