Press Release

Jun 3, 2022

Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center partners with State Department for US-Mexico border study

The Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center announced a new partnership with the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), the Hunt Institute for Global Competitiveness at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), and Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF) in Tijuana to enhance security and economic growth in the United States and Mexico.

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AC Selects

Mar 18, 2022

AC Selects: Ukraine’s energy security and US-Mexico growth opportunities

Week of March 18, 2022 Last week, the Eurasia Center and Latin America Center hosted experts to discuss the consequences of Russia’s war on European energy security, the US-Mexico bilateral relationship, and strategies to sustain green and equitable economic growth across the Americas. Related events I think the whole world realized the seriousness of this […]

Americas Energy & Environment
Indian migrants detained at US-Mexico border

Engagement Reframed

Mar 8, 2022

Engagement Reframed #4: Securing America’s demographic and economic future

By Mathew Burrows

What is the opportunity? Throughout US history, many American entrepreneurial heroes have been immigrants or the children of immigrants—from Alexander Graham Bell and Andrew Carnegie, both born in Scotland, to Intel’s Andy Grove and Google’s Sergey Brin, originally from Hungary and Russia, respectively. Indian immigrants comprise only about 1 percent of the US population but […]

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Mar 3, 2022

What to expect from Mexico’s energy reform bill

Mexico's Congress is currently debating a proposed amendment to the constitution to allow the state to increase control over the country’s energy market. What can we expect from this energy reform bill?

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New Atlanticist

Feb 28, 2022

Russian Hybrid War Report: Russia retaliates against anti-war celebrities as social platforms crack down on Russian media

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Meta, Patreon, and Twitter are taking action against Russian accounts, while Russian celebrities are facing pushback for their views, according to the Council's open-source researchers.

Belarus Conflict


Jan 4, 2022

Spotlight: Latin America and the Caribbean – Ten questions for 2022

By Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center

The year 2022 will be one of change across the Western Hemisphere. So, what might or might not be on the horizon?

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Nov 18, 2021

Infographic: Why North America matters?

By Eva Lardizabal

Ahead of the 2021 North American Leaders' Summit, the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center highlights the importance of North American cooperation on issues such as health, commerce and investment, security, and migration.

Americas Economy & Business


Nov 16, 2021

Silence is assent: A path forward in US-Mexico energy and climate relations

By David L. Goldwyn, Neil Robert Brown

Mexico's recent climate and energy measures will cause economic harm, set back emissions reduction efforts, and strain the country's relationship with the US. The Biden administration must be clear that these nationalistic policies, which contravene the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, will not be tolerated.

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance

NATO 20/2020

Nov 2, 2021

Buscando la adhesión de México

By Christopher Skaluba, Gabriela R. A. Doyle

La membresía de México en la OTAN puede ser la clave para mantener a Estados Unidos que cambia rápidamente y que invierte en la seguridad europea.

Europe & Eurasia Mexico

Issue Brief

Jul 28, 2021

The security of defense trade with allies: Enhancing contact, contracts, and control in supply chains

By James Hasik

The COVID-19 pandemic and a wave of "Buy American" policies have cast doubt on the ability of foreign suppliers to provide crucial defense goods and services to the US Department of Defense in times of crisis or conflict. Forward Defense Nonresident Senior Fellow James Hasik recommends the expansion of security of supply agreements (among other measures) to fully leverage the defense-industrial bases of US allies and partners and best support US security priorities.

Defense Industry Defense Policy