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May 9, 2022

Blanford quoted in France24 on the implications of expat Lebanese votes for parliamentary elections

By Atlantic Council

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May 5, 2022

Brahimi in Carnegie Middle East Center: The Lebanese Armed Forces and its leadership have taken a conscious decision to give women much more important roles

By Atlantic Council

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Apr 29, 2022

Lebanon has a parliamentary election next month. The Lebanese are eyeing it with apathy and cynicism. 

By Nicholas Blanford

Most Lebanese believe that those politicians who created the financial disaster in the first place lack the will and ability to implement sector-wide reforms.

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Apr 27, 2022

Daoud in Times of Israel: Can Lebanon be neutral on the Arab-Israeli conflict?

By Atlantic Council

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Feb 16, 2022

Energy and geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean

By Charles Ellinas

Fossil fuel development in the Eastern Mediterranean is both laden with promise and fraught with tension. Member states of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF) have established joint ventures for exploration and drilling, pipeline building, and LNG export across the region, creating an international web of proposed infrastructure to tap its abundant reserves. But Turkey […]

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Feb 10, 2022

Pavia and Pelayo in Al Arabiya: Colombia is tackling the threat of Hezbollah in South America

By Atlantic Council

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Feb 8, 2022

Sullivan in The National: For its energy needs, Lebanon must look within – in more ways than one

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Jan 6, 2022

Khoury in Arab Center Washington DC: The Need for an International Development Fund for Lebanon

By Atlantic Council

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Dec 17, 2021

2021: A year in the Middle East

By Holly Dagres

2021 was a year full of impactful elections, historic anniversaries, and new challenges for the Middle East and North Africa.

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Nov 22, 2021

Daoud in Haaretz: Lebanon Now Wants Help From the Jews It Pushed Out. What Chutzpah

By Atlantic Council

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