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New Atlanticist

May 17, 2024

Why Georgia’s ruling party is pushing for the foreign agent law—and how the West should respond

By Maia Nikoladze and Ana Lejava

The West’s response to Georgia’s foreign agent law should hold the ruling party accountable without punishing the wider Georgian population.

Corruption Eastern Europe


May 15, 2024

Georgia’s government uses Kremlin playbook to consolidate grip on power

By Lucy Minicozzi-Wheeland

The Georgian government's efforts to adopt a Kremlin-style law imposing restrictions on civil society has sparked huge protests and led to questions over the country's future geopolitical direction, writes Lucy Minicozzi-Wheeland.

Civil Society Democratic Transitions


May 9, 2024

Russia’s Georgia strategy offers hints of Kremlin vision for Ukraine

By Nicholas Chkhaidze

Russia's attempts to force Georgia back into the Kremlin orbit via political control offer a hint of Moscow's vision for a future settlement with a defeated Ukraine, writes Nicholas Chkhaidze.

Conflict Disinformation

New Atlanticist

May 6, 2024

Dispatch from Tbilisi: Amid Georgia’s battle for democracy, Russian influence is already here

By Eto Buziashvili

The West has criticized Georgia's “foreign agent” law. Now it must take action to help defend democracy and the rule of law in Georgia.

Politics & Diplomacy Rule of Law


Apr 9, 2024

Georgia launches new push to adopt Russian-style foreign agent law

By Mercedes Sapuppo

Georgia’s ruling party has revived plans to pass legislation tightening restrictions on civil society, despite the fact that the same draft law sparked mass protests just one year ago, writes Mercedes Sapuppo.

Civil Society Conflict


Apr 3, 2024

Central and Eastern Europe needs to rethink its approach to energy security

By Pawel Czyzak and Nolan Theisen

The upcoming Three Seas Initiative Summit is an opportune time for Central and Eastern European leaders to pivot toward clean, affordable, and local renewables to build energy security.

Central Asia Central Europe


Mar 29, 2024

No, Putin, the ISIS-K attack in Moscow wasn’t about Ukraine

By Mark N. Katz

This attack by ISIS-K may have been motivated by several grievances, including retaliation for the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

Europe & Eurasia Middle East


Mar 11, 2024

Why Washington’s approach to Black Sea security may be about to change—for the better

By Arnold C. Dupuy

The NDAA signals a wider shift in Washington's strategy towards the critical Black Sea region and cooperation with littoral partners.

Conflict Defense Policy

Issue Brief

Feb 29, 2024

In Europe and the South Caucasus, the Kremlin leans on energy blackmail and scare tactics

By the Digital Forensic Research Lab

Moscow tried to sow fear among Moldovans, Georgians, and Armenians that what happened to Ukrainians could happen to them.

Disinformation Internet

Issue Brief

Feb 29, 2024

In Ukraine, Russia tries to discredit leaders and amplify internal divisions

By the Digital Forensic Research Lab

On the information front, Russia had two goals in year two of its war: convince Ukrainians of their government’s inability to rule the country honestly, and persuade Ukraine’s allies that investing in Ukraine would be wasteful.

Disinformation Internet