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Jun 18, 2024

From rebel factions to an army: Efforts to tame the Syrian National Army

By Levent Kemal

The ultimate goal of reforming the SNA is to create space for a self-sufficient political actor that organizes public policies.

Conflict Europe & Eurasia


Jun 14, 2024

Razing the dead: Contextualizing IDF cemetery desecration in Gaza

By Charles Johnson

When the IDF razes Gazan cemeteries, it also razes Palestinian heritage, culture, and claims to the land.

Conflict Human Rights


Jun 13, 2024

Sanctioning the ICC over Israel is a strategic misstep for the US

By Ibrahim Al-Assil

The possibility of sanctioning the ICC is strategically futile and undermines long-term US interest in an increasingly uncertain and multipolar world.

Conflict Human Rights


Jun 11, 2024

Hezbollah escalates in the shadow of US-Israel tensions over Rafah

By David Daoud and Ahmad Sharawi

Hezbollah intensified its attacks against Israel since early May—shifting from pulling its punches on causing Israeli casualties to noticeably seeking to draw blood.

Conflict Israel


Jun 10, 2024

ISIS fell, but the conditions that created the terrorist group still exist in Iraq

By Abbas Kadhim

The pervasive culture of corruption and a poor economy have been among the leading conditions that contributed to the rise of ISIS in Iraq.

Corruption Democratic Transitions


Jun 6, 2024

Algeria’s Morocco obsession has killed reconciliation prospects

By Samir Bennis

For nearly five decades, Algeria has used the dispute over Western Sahara as a front for its antagonization of Morocco.

Africa Conflict


Jun 4, 2024

Economic recovery in opposition-held Syria is challenging but still possible

By Sinan Hatahet

The United States and its allies can foster an early recovery in opposition-held areas without undermining the UN-led political resolution efforts.

Conflict Middle East


Jun 3, 2024

Five impacts of the Gaza war to watch 

By Stefanie Hausheer Ali

It would be a strategic error for the United States and companies operating in the region to ignore the potential impact of Arab public opinion.

Conflict Economy & Business


May 31, 2024

Partial government reshuffle in Tunisia as protests continue against its president

By Karim Mezran and Nicola Pedde

The reshuffle comes at the height of an upsurge in the securitarian clampdown imposed by the president on opposition and civil society organizations.

Democratic Transitions Elections


May 30, 2024

A war is raging between Algeria and Morocco. It is being fought in the heritage arena.

By Sarah Zaaimi

As political tensions between Algiers and Rabat have continued to mount since 2020, another front is being fought with no possible détente in sight.

Africa Conflict