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Jul 17, 2024

How Tunisia’s upcoming presidential elections will erode its democracy

By Alissa Pavia

These elections will likely enable further consolidation of power and undo more than a decade of progress in building democratic institutions.

Elections Human Rights


Jul 16, 2024

What’s behind the Middle East’s doomsday fever?

By Sarah Zaaimi

Doomsday sects should be understood as a social phenomenon in the context of a collectively traumatized society.

Arabic English


Jul 15, 2024

An increasingly thin blue line between Israel and Lebanon

By Daniel Elkins

The specter of a full-scale war between Israel and Hezbollah looms large.

Conflict Israel


Jul 11, 2024

Investing in Iraq’s education will contribute to its revival

By Honar Issa

Investing in Iraq’s education system offers a unique opportunity for the United States to not only support a key ally but also address the root causes of instability in the region.

Civil Society Conflict


Jul 10, 2024

Syria’s inflated electorate is caused by phantom voters

By Vladimir Pran and Maroun Sfeir

The confusion over the true size of the electorate will certainly not be resolved in these elections.

Civil Society Conflict


Jul 5, 2024

With few options left, a limited peacekeeping force in Gaza could be the answer 

By Ahmed F. Alkhatib

The Biden administration should push for small steps that could plant seeds for transformation and sustainable stability in the Gaza Strip.

Conflict Israel


Jul 2, 2024

Hamas’s resistance doctrine is making it harder to broker a deal

By Amir Asmar

Hamas views its resistance as religiously mandated, and nine months of military and political pressure have not altered its position.

Conflict Israel


Jul 1, 2024

Diversification and growth: How the US-Morocco FTA boosts Rabat’s modern trade

By Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou

With sustained commitment and strategic planning, the next twenty years can bring even more prosperity and development for the Moroccan economy and greater profits for US businesses operating in the kingdom.

Africa Economy & Business


Jun 25, 2024

A world in crisis is good news for North Africa’s political elites

By Alia Brahimi, Karim Mezran

Europe should not assume that increasing transactional dealings with these elites will produce stability on its southern frontier.

Conflict Libya


Jun 24, 2024

The Syrian electoral system guarantees inequality

By Vladimir Pran and Maroun Sfeir

The framework of the block vote is so advantageous to the Baath Party that opposition parties would not stand a chance to win a significant number of seats.

Democratic Transitions Elections