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Counterterrorism Study Group

The Counterterrorism Study Group is a forum for former counterterrorism officials to review the latest threats, to understand emerging trends and future predictions, and to explore creative new proposals for improving the effectiveness of current policies and operations.

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Listen to the latest episode of the China-MENA podcast, featuring conversations with academics, government leaders, and the policy community on China’s role in the Middle East.

Gulf Security Task Force

The Gulf Security Task Force is revisiting the question of how to best protect US interests in this sensitive, always relevant region. Our goal is to provide US decision-makers with an updated, fact-based strategy for protecting US interests in the air and maritime domain from the Persian Gulf to the Red Sea, and ensuring Gulf partners’ ability to assume this responsibility, with the assistance and leadership of the United States.


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Jun 28, 2024

Plitsas quoted in CheckYourFact on Houthis claiming to hit US warships

By Atlantic Council

Middle East Security & Defense

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Jun 28, 2024

Panikoff quoted in The Jerusalem Post on Israeli-Saudi normalization as part of a US defense treaty

By Atlantic Council

Defense Policy Israel

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Jun 28, 2024

Panikoff quoted in The Wall Street Journal on US defense treaty with Saudi Arabia and Israeli normalization

By Atlantic Council

Defense Policy Israel

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Jun 21, 2024

Tran cited by Business Insider on Saudi Arabia petrodollar alternatives

Read the full article here.

International Markets Saudi Arabia


Jun 20, 2024

Is the end of the petrodollar near? 

By Hung Tran

Saudi Arabia approaches the petrodollar remains an important harbinger of the financial future to come.

Economy & Business International Markets


Jun 18, 2024

Turkey signed two major deals with Somalia. Will it be able to implement them?

By Kiran Baez

Turkey will face major challenges from both external and domestic pressure in implementing its hydrocarbons and maritime security deals.

East Africa Geopolitics & Energy Security

In the News

Jun 17, 2024

Tran, Matthews, and CBDC Tracker cited by YouTube video on Saudi Arabia mBridge membership

Watch the full video here.

China Digital Currencies


Jun 12, 2024

Will Bahrain and Iran turn a new page? There’s been talk of it.

By Giorgio Cafiero

For Bahrain, which takes its foreign policy directives from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, following in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi’s footsteps vis-à-vis the Islamic Republic is logical.

Conflict Iran


Jun 12, 2024

Intentionally vague: How Saudi Arabia and Egypt abuse legal systems to suppress online speech

By Dina Sadek, Layla Mashkoor, Iain Robertson, Andy Carvin

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are weaponizing vaguely written domestic media, cybercrime, and counterterrorism laws to target and suppress dissent, opposition, and vulnerable groups.

Digital Policy Disinformation

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Jun 11, 2024

Samaan quoted in The Africa Report on Emirati interests in Africa

By Atlantic Council

Africa Politics & Diplomacy