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Mar 20, 2023

What NATO can do now to apply lessons from Russia’s war in Ukraine

By John R. Deni

NATO should be setting higher defense targets for major European allies, exploring hybrid warfare, and more.

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Mar 19, 2023

Binnendijk in Global Politics and Strategy: Towards Nuclear Stewardship with China

By Hans Binnendijk

Binnendijk and Gompert argue that with the rising risk of complex crises and military escalation in the Pacific region, the United States should invite China into a process of nuclear restraint and confidence-building, called ‘nuclear stewardship.' This process could start with a joint bilateral declaration that neither superpower would use nuclear weapons first against the other or its formal allies.

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Executive Summary

Mar 16, 2023

In brief: C4ISR – A five-step guide to maintaining NATO’s comparative military edge over the coming decade

By Transatlantic Security Initiative

The Atlantic Council presents a five step guide to maintaining NATO's comparative military edge over the coming decade.

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Mar 16, 2023

The future of NATO C4ISR: Assessment and recommendations after Madrid

By Gordon B. “Skip” Davis Jr.

Current C4ISR capabilities, concepts, policies, and processes do not meet all of the Alliance’s needs. While much has been done to improve NATO C4ISR over the past decade, much work remains.

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Mar 14, 2023

Improving Gulf security: A framework to enhance air, missile, and maritime defenses

By The Gulf Security Task Force

This report is the final product of the Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative‘s Gulf Security Task Force, a team of experts whose US government experience includes senior roles at the Department of Defense, Department of State, White House, and Intelligence Community. The Task Force joined together to shape this new strategy, with an eye on […]

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New Atlanticist

Mar 13, 2023

No ‘free-riding’ here: European defense spending defies US critics

By Jason Davidson

Recently released evidence suggests that most of NATO’s members have increased their defense spending or plan to—even as the US has increased its own presence in Europe.

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Mar 9, 2023

Former secretaries Mark Esper and Deborah Lee James publish op-ed in The Hill

By Atlantic Council

Former Secretaries Mark Esper and Deborah Lee James publish Op-Ed on accelerating DoD adoption of commercial tech.

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New Atlanticist

Feb 23, 2023

Zeiten-when? Scholz needs to stop standing in the way of Germany’s foreign-policy turning point.

By Noah DeMichele

The Zeitenwende is the chancellor’s brainchild, yet he has been its major roadblock. Scholz has habitually hesitated when faced with key decisions.

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New Atlanticist

Feb 22, 2023

Russia policy after the war: A new strategy of containment

By Alexander Vershbow

To prevent further damage to the rules-based international order, the United States and its allies will need a strategy of containment to deter Russia militarily and decouple Russia from the international community, until Moscow has earned the right to be considered a partner once more.

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Feb 21, 2023

Putin could still win unless the West speeds up efforts to arm Ukraine

By Dennis Soltys

Ukraine's international partners are gradually providing the country with the weapons it needs to beat Russia, but excessive caution and continued delays could still allow Vladimir Putin to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

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