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UkraineAlert sources insight and commentary from a wide-array of thought-leaders, politicians, experts, and activists from Ukraine and the global community.

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UkraineAlert is a comprehensive online publication that provides regular news and analysis on developments in Ukraine’s politics, economy, civil society, and culture.

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Mon, Sep 21, 2020

The trip from Donbas: Ukraine’s pressing need to defend its veterans

Ukraine’s veterans from the war in the Donbas are at the crossroads of major changes occurring within Ukrainian society today, but a lack of support for veterans creates a critical void in Ukraine’s national security and hobbles its transition to democracy.

In-Depth Research & Reports by Lauren Van Metre & John Boerstler

Security & Defense Ukraine

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Fri, Feb 26, 2021

Why Ukraine sanctioned Putin’s ally Medvedchuk

Ukraine has introduced a number of measures during February 2021 to restrict the influence of Vladimir Putin's closest Ukrainian ally, Viktor Medvedchuk.

UkraineAlert by Andriy Yermak

Conflict Disinformation

Thu, Feb 25, 2021

Russia’s collective punishment of the Crimean Tatars is a war crime

As Ukraine seeks international justice over the Russian seizure and occupation of Crimea, Kyiv should consider holding the Kremlin to account for the collective punishment of the Crimean Tatars.

UkraineAlert by Wayne Jordash and Anna Mykytenko

Conflict Human Rights

Thu, Feb 25, 2021

Biden must freeze Putin’s pipeline and prevent this “bad deal for Europe”

By taking steps to block the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, US President Joe Biden has a real opportunity to build a new transatlantic security consensus while revitalizing the US-German relationship.

UkraineAlert by Benjamin Schmitt

Geopolitics & Energy Security Germany

Thu, Feb 25, 2021

Ukrainians protest “political justice” over activist jailing

The jailing of a high-profile Ukrainian activist has sparked protests over fears that his conviction represents politicized justice and a victory for pro-Kremlin forces within the Ukrainian establishment.

UkraineAlert by Solomiia Bobrovska

Civil Society Conflict

Tue, Feb 23, 2021

Rethinking Yushchenko

Ukraine's third president, Viktor Yushchenko, came to power on a tide of history but left office in humbling circumstances after a single term. Is it now time to reevaluate the transformative effect of his presidency?

UkraineAlert by Brian Mefford

Democratic Transitions Ukraine

Mon, Feb 22, 2021

Ukraine’s booming IT sector defies the coronavirus crisis

While businesses around the world are counting the cost of a year disrupted by the unprecedented challenges of the COVID crisis, Ukraine’s IT sector continues to go from strength to strength.

UkraineAlert by Peter Dickinson

Coronavirus Economy & Business

Sat, Feb 20, 2021

Ukraine can play key role in Europe’s energy Green Deal

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), World Bank, and EU have all argued that Ukraine could become a world leader in renewable production.

UkraineAlert by Aura Sabadus

Energy Transitions Geopolitics & Energy Security

Thu, Feb 18, 2021

Alexei Navalny is a Russian nationalist but he may still be good news for Ukraine

Many Ukrainians remain skeptical of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny due to his Russian nationalist past, but Navalny's impact on Russian politics may eventually prove beneficial for Ukraine.

UkraineAlert by Andreas Umland

Conflict Democratic Transitions

Thu, Feb 18, 2021

Ukraine adopts new and improved referendum law

Ukraine's recently adopted National Referendum Law fulfills an election promise made by President Zelenskyy to give the people of Ukraine greater and more direct influence over national policies.

UkraineAlert by Alisa Shushkovska and Harald Jepsen

Democratic Transitions Elections

Tue, Feb 16, 2021

Putin the Poisoner

Putin the Poisoner: Russian President Vladimir Putin has adopted a poisonous approach to international politics in a bid to defend his own authoritarian regime by dividing, discrediting, and destabilizing the democratic world.

UkraineAlert by Peter Dickinson

Disinformation European Union


Fri, Mar 5, 2021

What should Biden do about Ukraine?

Online Event Now that President Joe Biden has taken office, he has a real chance to move past the difficult detour that US-Ukraine relations took under his predecessor. A new issue brief lays out a plan for how the Biden team can repair relations with Ukraine.

10:00am Fiscal and Structural Reform Geopolitics & Energy Security International Financial Institutions Political Reform