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Thu, Apr 23, 2020

Moving out: Military mobility in Europe


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The Transatlantic Security Initiative shapes and influences the debate on the greatest security challenges facing the North Atlantic Alliance and its key partners.



Wed, Sep 30, 2020

Why the US-Italy relationship matters

In spite of the overall worsening of transatlantic relations over the past four years, and more inward looking foreign policy choices, Italy and the United States were able to preserve consistently positive relations. As far as trade is concerned, Italy managed to avoid the brunt of US tariffs on European goods, and trade exchange between […]

Issue Brief by Giovanna de Maio

Coronavirus Economy & Business

Mon, Sep 28, 2020

Pompeo’s trip highlights strong US-Greece relationship

Rather than being simply an effort to mediate among the parties in the Eastern Med, Pompeo’s trip has focused on the bilateral US-Greece relationship, on a strategic as well as a personal level

New Atlanticist by Katerina Sokou

Energy & Environment Greece

Sun, Sep 20, 2020

UAE, Bahrain deals with Israel offer the Mideast a historic chance for positive change—if the region will build upon it

These deals present the region its best opportunity perhaps ever to bury its bloody, self-defeating past and embrace moderation and modernity. Yet that will only be true if the parties can work with international partners to protect the so-called Abraham Accords Peace Agreement from extremist assault and from Israeli hardliners bent on territorial expansion.

Inflection Points by Frederick Kempe

Conflict International Norms

Tue, Sep 8, 2020

US must remain committed to NATO and the Baltic States

The United States has profound interests in maintaining NATO and the sovereignty and security of the Baltic region. Now is the time for the United States to rise to this leadership role by deepening our commitment to NATO and supporting the Baltic countries to foster a strong and united transatlantic community.

New Atlanticist by Sally A. Painter

NATO Northern Europe

Fri, Aug 28, 2020

Kroenig and Ashford discuss convention speeches, America’s foreign engagement, and how the West should respond to Belarus

On August 28, Foreign Policy published a biweekly column featuring Scowcroft Center Deputy Director Matthew Kroenig and the Cato Institute’s Emma Ashford discussing the latest news in international affairs. In this column, they discuss the DNC and RNC speeches, what a potential President Biden’s foreign policy might look like, and what role the US should play in response […]

In the News by Atlantic Council

Belarus Elections

Thu, Aug 27, 2020

Stefano Stefanini quoted in the New York Times on Turkey-Greece tensions and prospects for Turkish EU membership

In the News

Europe & Eurasia European Union

Mon, Aug 24, 2020

Capitalizing on transatlantic concerns about China

Beijing is pursuing a China-centric strategy aggressively and in a fashion that is causing significant collateral damage to nations around the globe. Thus far, the transatlantic partners have no comparable strategy to counter these challenges. A new transatlantic approach is needed.

In-Depth Research & Reports by Hans Binnendijk, Sarah Kirchberger, and Christopher Skaluba

China Europe & Eurasia

Wed, Aug 19, 2020

The ‘Digital Ocean’ as a model for innovation in the perfect storm

By capitalizing on opportunities such as the ‘Digital Ocean’ NATO can help provide solutions to the megatrends that will define this century, while fulfilling its core mission of providing security to its nearly one billion citizens.

New Atlanticist by Keit Pentus-Rosimannus and Michael D. Brasseur

Crisis Management Drones

Mon, Aug 17, 2020

Hillary Clinton: The work awaiting the next US president will be ‘overwhelming’

Just ahead of the Democratic National Convention, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that if Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris were to win the 2020 US presidential election, their administration must be prepared to advance on several domestic and international fronts simultaneously because the work they’ll face is “rather overwhelming.”

Elections 2020 by Katherine Walla

China Elections

Thu, Aug 13, 2020

General Jones and Brzezinski in Defense One: NATO Must Move Out Smartly on 5G

James L. Jones and Ian Brzezinski make the case for why NATO should move quickly to take advantage of 5G network technology and its military applications.

In the News by James L. Jones, Jr., Ian Brzezinski

Americas Cybersecurity