Fri, Jun 5, 2020

Younus in his podcast “Pakistonomy,” episode 20: The Informal Economy

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Economy & Business Pakistan

Thu, Jun 4, 2020

Fernandes in Daily O: Why social impact must be independent of Covid-19

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Coronavirus India

Thu, Jun 4, 2020

Jensen and Van Echo in War on the Rocks: How to factor strategic competition into wargaming and PME

Reviewing lessons from their Agile Competition wargame series, Forward Defense Senior Fellow Benjamin Jensen and Marine Corps officer Lt Col Matthew Van Echo advance a new approach to wargaming in the era of great-power competition.

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China Conflict

Wed, Jun 3, 2020

Chhibber in The Economic Times: Dear PM, India needs sahyog more than atmanirbharta

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Coronavirus Economy & Business

Tue, Jun 2, 2020

Trump’s G7 invite for Putin will encourage more war

US President Donald Trump wants to invite Vladimir Putin to the next G7 summit, despite the Russian leader's refusal to end the aggression against Ukraine that led to his initial suspension from G8 in 2014.

UkraineAlert by Yuliia Popyk

Conflict France

Tue, Jun 2, 2020

Akhtar as a moderator at the University of Lahore Centre for Security, Strategy and Policy Research: Dr. Rabia Akhtar in Conversation with Feroz Hassan Khan on Eating Grass

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Nuclear Deterrence Pakistan

Tue, Jun 2, 2020

The UK is forging a 5G club of democracies to avoid reliance on Huawei

As the need for alternatives to Huawei 5G technology becomes more urgent, democracies must pursue these kinds of diplomatic, coalition solutions. Forming a democratic 5G alliance is a step in that direction.

New Atlanticist by Justin Sherman

China Cybersecurity

Mon, Jun 1, 2020

Nooruddin joins India Today to discuss race and social cleavages in the United States

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Human Rights India

Mon, Jun 1, 2020

Executive summary: The virus and global order

The COVID-19 pandemic is having dramatic effects on everyday life, but its geopolitical implications could prove to be even more profound. The pandemic is exacerbating and unleashing pressure points in the global order, including intensified US-China competition, that could fundamentally reshape geopolitics.

Issue Brief by Jeffrey Cimmino, Matthew Kroenig, and Barry Pavel

China Coronavirus

Mon, Jun 1, 2020

Younus in his podcast “Pakistonomy,” episode 19: The Water Economy

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Energy & Environment Pakistan


Thu, Jun 11, 2020

Afghanistan’s vision for peace: A conversation with H.E. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani

#ACFRONTPAGE EVENT – H.E. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani discusses Afghanistan’s vision for peace and how to sustain progress towards stability and prosperity with the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center and the United States Institute of Peace. 10:00am (DC) / 6:30pm (Kabul).


Tue, Jun 9, 2020

Trump, Xi, and the economy: The future of US-China economic competition

ONLINE EVENT - A discussion on the rapidly shifting economic outlook for US-China strategic competition.


Wed, Jun 10, 2020

Four-month countdown to the expiration of the UN arms embargo on Iran

ONLINE EVENT - How will the world react? Whether the UN arms embargo on Iran expires or is extended will have major implications for the United States’ partners, competitors, and the region.