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Nov 22, 2023

Meet the secret IRGC entity purging university professors in Iran 

By Saeid Golkar and Kasra Aarabi

The Islamic Republic's war on university professors and academic staff is led by the Professors Basij Organization.

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Nov 17, 2023

The Gaza war is a reminder that the US needs to reevaluate its Iran policy

By Shukriya Bradost

Despite the Biden administration's efforts to prevent a further escalation and the expansion of the Israel-Hamas war in the region, Iran-backed militia groups continue to challenge US forces.

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Nov 9, 2023

The Gaza war probably won’t change Iran’s nuclear strategy. It’ll make it difficult to reach a long-term agreement, though.

By Danny Citrinowicz  

For now, Iranian deterrence is working, since Tehran is not paying any price for its proxy activity.

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Nov 8, 2023

The Gaza war raises questions about the future of Iran’s Resistance Axis

By Raz Zimmt

The Gaza war presents the first significant test of the level of cooperation present among the elements of the Iran-led Resistance Axis.

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Oct 19, 2023

Israel misread Iran’s way of war. A proper understanding could help predict Hezbollah’s next moves.

By David Daoud

Iran—through Hezbollah—has spent almost two decades and considerable effort and funds building the Gaza Strip into the Axis of Resistance’s Southern Front against Israel.

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Oct 13, 2023

What do Iranians think of Israel? Their views might surprise you

By Arash Azizi

Anyone familiar with Iranian society knows that anti-Israel attitudes have mostly failed to go beyond the most vociferous supporters of the regime despite years of attempted forced indoctrination.

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Sep 28, 2023

Ronaldo’s visit to Iran was a temporary reprieve from the realities on the ground

By Hezha Barzani

The timing of the match is what stood out the most, as it took place two days after the one-year anniversary of the anti-establishment protests.

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Sep 21, 2023

The House passed the MAHSA Act. Now what?

By Celeste Kmiotek, Lisandra Novo, Gissou Nia

The MAHSA Act—which focuses on targeted sanctions—will have to be approved by the Senate and signed by the president to become law.

Human Rights Iran


Sep 20, 2023

Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi: ‘If we don’t unite—we won’t be able to topple the Islamic Republic’

By Holly Dagres

The Nobel Laureate was interviewed by our IranSource editor to discuss the ongoing protests in Iran, the AFDI, and where she thinks the country is heading.

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Sep 13, 2023

Letters from women protesters inside Iran: One year after #MahsaAmini’s death 

By Khosro Sayeh Isfahani

"The people of Iran want to overthrow this regime. If you believe in freedom, equality, and human rights, remember that this regime stands against these values."

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