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Nov 2, 2023

The West must learn from Turkey’s transformation from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire to a rising middle power

By Pınar Dost

The Turkish Republic is celebrating its hundredth anniversary. Here is a look back at the centenary and what the new era may bring.

Political Reform Politics & Diplomacy

New Atlanticist

Oct 2, 2023

How the Menendez scandal could end up with Turkey getting F-16s—and Sweden getting into NATO

By Grady Wilson

As chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Menendez signaled his opposition to the sale of F-16s to Ankara early and often.

Defense Technologies Economy & Business


Sep 28, 2023

What’s behind the strengthening UK-Turkey partnership?

By Ilayda Nijhar

As the United Kingdom adjusts to its post-Brexit reality, Turkey is emerging as a key partner with converging interests.

Economy & Business Migration


Aug 14, 2023

The United States can’t offset its rivals in Central Asia alone. Turkey can help.

By Ali Mammadov

Turkey is well-positioned to counter US rivals in Central Asia by expanding its influence and diversifying the region's partners.

Central Asia Geopolitics & Energy Security


Aug 3, 2023

The West must back Ukraine and Turkey to counter Russia’s attempts to control the Black Sea

By Yevgeniya Gaber

Russia’s efforts to gain control in the Black Sea need to be challenged. Here’s how Ukraine and Turkey can push back with the West’s help.

Maritime Security NATO


Jul 26, 2023

A new Black Sea natural gas project could be a game changer for the region—and a challenge for Putin

By Arnold C. Dupuy

Romania's efforts to develop Black Sea gas can weaken Moscow's influence. Here's how.

Eastern Europe Energy & Environment


Jul 21, 2023

What’s behind growing ties between Turkey and the Gulf states

By Serhat S. Çubukçuoğlu and Mouza Hasan Almarzooqi

Erdoğan's tour of the Gulf opens a new chapter in Turkey's political and economic relations with the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Defense Industry Drones

New Atlanticist

Jul 17, 2023

Russia just quit a grain deal critical to global food supply. What happens now?

By Atlantic Council experts

The last ship under the UN- and Turkey-brokered deal to export grain and fertilizer from Ukraine by sea has left Odesa. Atlantic Council experts explain what to expect next.

Africa Conflict


Jul 14, 2023

With re-election behind him, Erdogan is turning toward the West

By Grady Wilson

Turkey is sending signals to its Western allies that it's ready to strategically align with them. All parties should seize this opportunity.

Conflict Defense Industry

Fast Thinking

Jul 10, 2023

What’s behind Erdogan’s backing of Sweden’s NATO bid?

By Atlantic Council

Our experts on the ground in Vilnius and beyond share their insights on what changed Erdoğan’s mind and what’s next for the Alliance.

Conflict Crisis Management