New Atlanticist

Mar 29, 2023

What to expect from the world’s democratic tech alliance as the Summit for Democracy unfolds

By Katherine Walla

Ahead of the Biden administration’s second Summit for Democracy, stakeholders from the Freedom Online Coalition gave a sneak peek at what to expect on the global effort to protect online rights and freedoms.

Cybersecurity Democratic Transitions


Mar 28, 2023

Fostering a Fourth Democratic Wave: A playbook for countering the authoritarian threat

By Hardy Merriman, Patrick Quirk, Ash Jain

This report seeks to catalyze support for nonviolent pro-democracy movements fighting against authoritarian rule by proposing new approaches and tools to support civil resistance movements, advancing a new international norm — the “Right to Assist” pro-democracy movements — and developing strategic and tactical options to constrain authoritarian regimes.

Americas Civil Society


Mar 19, 2023

Putin the Pariah: War crimes arrest warrant deepens Russia’s isolation

By Anders Åslund

The ICC decision to indict Putin for war crimes is a highly consequential step that will deepen Russia’s international isolation while weakening Putin’s personal position both at home and abroad, writes Anders Åslund.

Conflict Human Rights


Mar 19, 2023

ICC arrest warrant for Putin is a step toward ending Russian impunity

By Danielle Johnson

The International Criminal Court decision to issue an arrest warrant for Putin over his alleged role in the deportation of Ukrainian children has sparked a lively debate. Is the move truly historic or merely symbolic?

Conflict Human Rights

New Atlanticist

Mar 17, 2023

Experts react: The International Criminal Court just issued an arrest warrant for Putin. Will he wind up behind bars? 

By Atlantic Council experts

The Russian president and the Russian commissioner for children’s rights stand accused of the war crime of abducting Ukrainian children, and more charges may follow.

International Norms Politics & Diplomacy


Mar 17, 2023

How the war in Iraq changed the world—and what change could come next

By Atlantic Council experts

Our experts break down how this conflict has transformed not only military operations and strategy, but also diplomacy, intelligence, national security, energy security, economic statecraft, and much more.

Climate Change & Climate Action Conflict

New Atlanticist

Mar 16, 2023

What Zelenskyy should know before he talks with Xi

By Gabriel Alvarado

If Zelenskyy withholds his honest assessment of Beijing's peace plan, he may risk giving Beijing the perfect cover to refute questions about its alleged neutrality—and do little to ensure an outcome to the crisis that actually works for Ukraine.

China International Norms


Mar 3, 2023

Premature peace with Putin would be disastrous for international security

By Peter Dickinson

Perhaps the best way to illustrate the perils of appeasing Putin with a premature peace deal is by imagining where the world would be today if Ukraine had indeed fallen one year ago, writes Peter Dickinson.

Conflict Freedom and Prosperity

New Atlanticist

Feb 24, 2023

How legal actions against Russian aggression in Ukraine can serve as a model for other conflicts

By Celeste Kmiotek, Lisandra Novo

There is an unprecedented number of investigations and accountability efforts under way in response to Russia's invasion. It's a sign of success—but it also shows how victims of international crimes have unequal access to justice.

Conflict European Union


Feb 2, 2023

Russian presence at Paris Olympics risks normalizing Ukraine invasion

By Mark Temnycky

The International Olympic Committee's decision to allow Russian athletes to compete at the 2024 Paris Olympics under a neutral flag has sparked outrage from critics who say it risks normalizing the genocidal invasion of Ukraine.

Conflict France