Mar 19, 2024

Vladimir Putin’s history obsession is a threat to world peace

By Nicholas Chkhaidze

Putin has weaponized history to justify the genocidal invasion of Ukraine. Unless he is defeated, the Russian dictator will use the same bogus historical arguments to launch new imperial adventures, writes Nicholas Chkhaidze.

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Oct 9, 2023

Russian imperialism shapes public support for the war against Ukraine

By Neringa Klumbytė

Modern Russia retains an imperialistic ideology that is fueling strong public support for the war in Ukraine amid deep-rooted perceptions of Ukrainians as misguided younger siblings in need of correction, writes Neringa Klumbytė.

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Atlantic Debrief

Sep 12, 2023

#AtlanticDebrief – What’s the link between politics & identity in Europe? | A Debrief from Hans Kundnani

Rachel Rizzo sits down with Hans Kundnani to discuss his new book on European identity and its relationship with the European project.

Europe & Eurasia European Union

Atlantic Debrief

Aug 22, 2023

#AtlanticDebrief – Where is Europe headed politically? | A Debrief from Jon Henley

Rachel Rizzo speaks with the Guardian's Jon Henley to unpack the shifting political trends in Europe.

Democratic Transitions Elections

Atlantic Debrief

Jul 27, 2023

#AtlanticDebrief – What’s the outcome of Spain’s snap election? | A Debrief from Manuel Muñiz

Rachel Rizzo sits down with Manuel Muñiz to examine the results of Spain's snap election and impact to Spanish society and politics.

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Jul 6, 2023

Wagner putsch is symptomatic of Russia’s ongoing imperial decline

By Richard Cashman, Lesia Ogryzko

The attempted putsch by Yevgeniy Prigozhin and his Wagner troops in late June is perhaps best understood as a symptom of Russia’s ongoing imperial decline, writes Richard Cashman and Lesia Ogryzko.

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May 11, 2023

How the women and girls of Iran have fueled their ‘unprecedented’ protests: Bravery, solidarity, and innovation

By Atlantic Council

Three recipients of the Atlantic Council’s Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership Award examined the antigovernment protests in Iran and the decades-long fight for gender equality and social justice in the country.

Civil Society Iran

New Atlanticist

Jan 18, 2023

As Brazil investigates Bolsonaro’s role in anti-democratic riots, should the US kick him out?

By Gissou Nia, Thomas S. Warrick

While the Biden administration needs to demonstrate moral leadership, acting too hastily could fuel the flames of Brazil’s polarized politics and damage democracy in the long term.

Brazil Elections

New Atlanticist

Sep 26, 2022

Which Giorgia Meloni will Washington get?

By Alissa Pavia

The Biden administration should adopt a more cautious approach toward the next Italian prime minister than it has so far. 

Elections Italy

Atlantic Debrief

Sep 23, 2022

#AtlanticDebrief – Will Jean Monnet’s vision for Europe win out? | A Debrief from Nathalie Tocci

Europe Center Senior Fellow Damir Marusic sits down with Nathalie Tocci, Director of the Istituto Affari Internazionali, to discuss the current scene in Europe on the struggle between European integration and Euroscepticism.

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