Cross-Council China Spotlight


May 11, 2022

China’s faltering “zero COVID” policy: politics in command, economy in reverse

By Jeremy Mark, Michael Schuman

Could Beijing’s doubling down on the “zero COVID” policy undermine the narrative of China’s superiority in responding to the pandemic—and the image and stature of Xi’s rule?

China Coronavirus

Beijing’s Balancing Act

What’s next for China-Russia ties?

Experts across the Atlantic Council weigh in on Beijing’s unfolding reaction to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine and the global implications of the Xi-Putin partnership.

New Atlanticist

Apr 13, 2022

Janet Yellen’s message to the world: There can be no ‘sitting on the fence’ on Russia

By Nick Fouriezos

The US secretary of the treasury joined the Atlantic Council ahead of next week’s IMF and World Bank meetings to address Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the economic fallout for the developing world.

China Climate Change & Climate Action

Fast Thinking

Mar 15, 2022

FAST THINKING: What China stands to gain—and lose—by wading into the Ukraine war

By Atlantic Council

How far will these autocrats take their “no limits” friendship?

China Conflict

Our mission

The Atlantic Council’s Global China Hub researches and devises allied solutions to three of the greatest challenges posed by China’s rise: 1) China’s growing influence on countries, global institutions, and democratic values; 2) the global ramifications of political and economic change in Xi Jinping’s China; and 3) China’s drive to dominate emerging technologies and consequences for individual rights and privacy.

The Global China Hub addresses these challenges by amplifying and strategically expanding the Atlantic Council’s body of work on China, leveraging our values, extensive global network, and capacity for integrating insights and information across our 14 other programs and centers. In doing so, the Hub capitalizes on the Council’s unique capacity to ascertain “ground truth” on China’s global impact and to galvanize creative policy solutions among US and allied government stakeholders.

Our pillars of work

At the heart of the Global China Hub is an initiative to capitalize on the breadth of the Atlantic Council’s geographic reach and expertise on China across everything from security, to energy, to technology, to the economy, to information integrity. The Global China Initiative draws these veins of work together to provide US and allied decision-makers with strategic solutions to the vexing questions posed by China’s rise.

What happens in China no longer stays in China. Chinese leaders’ approach to everything from economic reform to regulation of the tech industry to mounting political repression will affect China’s trajectory as a great power, with direct consequences for US and allied interests and values. China Inside Out will provide cutting-edge insights into the domestic drivers of China’s external behavior and shape more effective allied policy responses.

The competition is on to dominate the emerging technologies and industries of future. At risk are not only the economic benefits associated with advantages in semiconductors, AI, quantum computing, robotics, and other domains, but the future of democracy and individual rights. Developing concrete steps to promote technological advances that bolster democratic governance and individual rights will help the United States and its allies outflank rather than react to China’s future techno-authoritarian efforts.

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