Thu, Oct 10, 2019

Germany’s social democrats look for a new face, but their problems are much deeper

A change at the top may not be enough to reverse SPD’s decline, as the party has failed to respond to structural changes within German society that have eroded support for the social democrats.

Long Take by Michael John Williams

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Sat, Aug 31, 2019

Is Germany going soft on China?

If Germany gets its way, it would be the strongest sign to date that Europe is charting its own course in its ties with China, ignoring pressure from hawks in the Trump administration to pare back economic links.

New Atlanticist by Noah Barkin

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Thu, Aug 29, 2019

Montanino joins CNBC to discuss the relevance of the German economic slowdown and ECB to Italy

Watch full discussion here

In the News by Ole Moehr

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Wed, Aug 7, 2019

Why Germany resoundingly rejected joining a US-led mission against Iran

On July 31, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas announced Germany’s refusal to join a US-led military mission to safeguard the international shipping lanes in the Strait of Hormuz from Iranian aggression and criticized what he called America’s “maximum tension” approach.

IranSource by Gert Hilgers

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Tue, Jul 23, 2019

My Way or the Huawei: 5G at the Center of US-China Strategic Competition

On July 22, President Trump met with a group of major tech CEOs to discuss the easing of some restrictions on US companies supplying high-tech parts to Chinese telecommunications company Huawei. In May, the US Commerce Department banned US companies from selling any products to Huawei. The Chinese company’s position as the world’s leading provider of 5G technology has made it a focal point of the escalating great power competition between China and the United States. This edition of the EconoGraphic explains the US government’s move to blacklist Huawei, outlines the ban’s potential costs, and describes why US allies are conflicted about banning Huawei.


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Mon, Jun 17, 2019

What Zelenskyy should say in Berlin

Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union broke up the empire and its people have paid a monstrous price for generations. It’s time that Europe finally recognized its responsibility to this worthy nation, yearning to be free from Russian tyranny.

UkraineAlert by Diane Francis

Energy Markets & Governance Eurozone

Fri, May 17, 2019

Nazi-Soviet Pact anniversary can help Zelenskiy heal Ukraine’s totalitarian trauma

Ukraine’s President-elect Volodymyr Zelenskiy waded into the bloodstained waters of the country’s memory wars during WWII memorial events in early May, posting a picture of himself alongside a Soviet veteran and a former member of Ukraine’s Insurgent Army with the message: “The key to peace today is unity among all Ukrainians.” This was something of […]

UkraineAlert by Peter Dickinson

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Wed, May 15, 2019

Here’s what to expect from Germany’s European vote

The outcome of the election in the European Union’s largest economy and most populous member state will not impact Germany’s broadly pro-European Union (EU) positions and strategy in significant ways.

New Atlanticist by Jörn Fleck

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Wed, Apr 3, 2019

Germany, NATO, and Transatlantic Security

NATO Engages 2019 “Statement and Conversation: Germany, NATO, and Transatlantic Security”    Speaker: Heiko Maas, Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Federal Republic of Germany   Moderator: Karen Donfried, President, The German Marshall Fund of the United States   Location:  Washington, D.C.   Time:  4:25 p.m. EDT Date:  Wednesday, April 3, 2019  

NATOat70 by David Wemer

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Wed, Apr 3, 2019

Germany will meet its NATO commitments, foreign minister says

NATO gave Germany a “second chance,” according to Maas. “We Germans won’t forget that.”

NATOat70 by David A. Wemer

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