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Mon, May 10, 2021

Mission resilience: Adapting defense aerospace to evolving cybersecurity challenges

While aerospace presents inherently distinct challenges from other spaces, defense organizations could look to the private sector and adapt commercial practices to implement the principles of resilience.

Report by Simon Handler, Trey Herr, Steve Luczynski, and Reed Porada

Cybersecurity Defense Industry

Thu, May 6, 2021

Africa’s digital revolution: Exploring technology’s impact on Africa’s future

On Thursday, May 6, the Africa Center and the Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) hosted a partnered event to launch twin reports exploring the theme of technology and its impact on Africa’s political and economic future.

Event Recap by Africa Center

Africa Digital Policy

Wed, Apr 28, 2021

Partnering for Africa’s digital future: Opportunities for the United States, South Korea, and India

For Washington, cooperation with emerging powers such as South Korea and India could advance US influence in Africa and could help ensure that Beijing’s digital foothold on the continent does not deepen.

Issue Brief by Aleksandra Gadzala Tirziu

Africa Economy & Business

Wed, Apr 28, 2021

Nurkin in Defense News on future US space capabilities

Forward Defense Nonresident Senior Fellow Tate Nurkin published an article in DefenseNews titled "What focus areas are key to America's future space capabilities?"

In the News by Atlantic Council

Defense Industry Defense Technologies

Thu, Apr 15, 2021

FAST THINKING: What the Russia-China moon deal means for the commercialization of space

On this episode of Fast Thinking, Atlantic Council experts Divya Chander and David Bray explore what this announcement will mean for geopolitics and the commercialization of space—touching on space mining, the Artemis Accords, the Outer Space Treaty, and what we can learn from native cultures about the rights of our planet and others.

Fast Thinking by Atlantic Council

China Russia
Cover credit: Helen Lundeberg, “The Veil,” 1947, The Macfarlane Collection

Sun, Apr 11, 2021

The future of security in space: A thirty-year US strategy

Outer space is rapidly transforming as new actors test new limits. This Atlantic Council Strategy Paper calls for the United States and its allies and partners to secure space over the next three decades or risk wasting the promise of this emerging domain.

Atlantic Council Strategy Paper Series by Clementine G. Starling, Mark J. Massa, Lt Col Christopher P. Mulder, and Julia T. Siegel

China Cybersecurity

Mon, Mar 29, 2021

Gen Cartwright, Sec. James in Breaking Defense on the need for a long-term strategy on space

Atlantic Council Board Directors former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General James E. Cartwright, USMC (Ret.) and former Secretary of the US Air Force the Hon. Deborah Lee James released an article in Breaking Defense titled "The Space Rush: New US strategy must bring order, regulation."

In the News by Atlantic Council

Rule of Law Security & Defense

Thu, Feb 4, 2021

Protecting the new frontier: Seven perspectives on aerospace cybersecurity

The aviation community is experiencing unprecedented difficulties, while space is emerging as a new fronter with challenges of its own. But there are opportunities for experts across the aerospace sector to tackle its cybersecurity challenges.

Article by Simon Handler

Cybersecurity Space

Sun, Jan 24, 2021

Gen. Cartwright quoted in New York Times on great-power competition in space

On January 24, Atlantic Council Board Director and former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen James E. Cartwright, USMC (Ret.) was quoted in a New York Times article titled "How space became the next 'great power' contest between the US and China." The article concludes that President Biden must view the Chinese anti-satellite threat in space as one of the most pressing national security issues of his administration.

In the News by Atlantic Council

China Russia

Tue, Jan 5, 2021

Mulder featured in Air University on “Spacefarers: How Humans Will Settle the Moon, Mars, and Beyond”

On January 5, Forward Defense senior military fellow Lt Col Christopher Mulder’s book review on Christopher Wanjek’s “Spacefarers: How Humans Will Settle the Moon, Mars, and Beyond” was published in Air University’s Strategic Studies Quarterly.

In the News by Atlantic Council

Space Space Security