Event Recap

Aug 8, 2022

Why NATO must make gender central to its security thinking

By Alvina Ahmed

On July 15, the Scowcroft Center's Transatlantic Security Initiative hosted a public conference discussing the importance of incorporating gender perspectives in NATO's strategies as the alliance looks to implement its new Strategic Concept and defend against malign actors.

Conflict Defense Policy


Aug 4, 2022

My brother was executed during the 1988 massacre. The Hamid Noury trial verdict is a victory for truth and justice.

By Lawdan Bazargan

Only the truth can heal Iran and the Iranian people’s collective pain and protect future generations from the danger of such crimes.

Human Rights Iran


Aug 2, 2022

Ukrainian civil society can play a key role in securing victory over Russia

By Jonas Oehman

Ukraine's international partners should seek to develop stronger partnerships with the country's vibrant civil society sector and make better use of existing networks linking volunteers with the Ukrainian military.

Civil Society Conflict


Aug 2, 2022

Putin’s entire Ukraine invasion hinges on the coming Battle of Kherson

By Peter Dickinson

Ukraine's much anticipated counter-offensive in the south of the country is now gathering momentum with many observers predicting that the looming Battle of Kherson will decide the fate of Vladimir Putin's entire invasion.

Conflict Disinformation


Jul 28, 2022

Putin believed his own propaganda and fatally underestimated Ukraine

By Taras Kuzio

Vladimir Putin likes to pose as an expert on all things Ukrainian but in reality his understanding of Ukraine is hopelessly distorted by propaganda that has led him to fatally underestimate Ukrainian resilience.

Civil Society Conflict

Britain Debrief

Jul 27, 2022

#BritainDebrief – What future for Hong Kong? | A Debrief from Nathan Law

By Ben Judah

Senior Fellow Ben Judah interviewed Nathan Law, a Hong Kong democracy activist currently in exile in London.

China Civil Society


Jul 26, 2022

One Iranian perpetrator gets a life sentence. Another is potentially set free.

By Celeste Kmiotek

July was bittersweet for human rights lawyers and activists, particularly those working on Iran. On July 14, the Stockholm District Court announced that former Iranian official Hamid Nouri was found guilty of war crimes and mass murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

Human Rights Iran

New Atlanticist

Jul 20, 2022

Reading between the lines of the world’s top human-trafficking report

By John Cotton Richmond

A former US ambassador dedicated to combating human trafficking breaks down seven key takeaways from the report and what they mean for the fight against this crime.

Human Rights Resilience


Jul 20, 2022

Nelson Mandela’s unfinished legacy

By Alexander Tripp

Mandela Day recognizes not only a great world leader, but also the value of African voices on the international stage.

Africa Human Rights

In the News

Jul 19, 2022

Varshney in The Signal: Wading into a row

By Atlantic Council

Human Rights Resilience & Society