Thu, Jul 9, 2020

Christopher Preble co-hosts Net Assessment podcast episode on COVID-19 and US global leadership

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Wed, Jul 8, 2020

Containing the Kremlin: Why the West must rethink policy towards a revisionist Russia

After more than five years of deadlock in Russia-Ukraine peace talks, it is obvious that fresh approaches are needed in order to end the war on Europe’s eastern frontier and contain the Kremlin.

UkraineAlert by Oleksii Reznikov

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Fri, Jun 19, 2020

Robert Manning in The Hill on the dangers posed by an increasingly desperate North Korean regime

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Thu, Jun 18, 2020

Robert Manning quoted in Chosun Ilbo on the US and ROK response to the bombing of the inter-Korean contact office

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Tue, Jun 16, 2020

Ambassador Alexander Vershbow quoted in Military Times on US military aid to Ukraine

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Mon, Jun 15, 2020

Zelenskyy keeps Ukraine on Euro-Atlantic course set by predecessor Poroshenko

Ukraine's President Zelenskyy has been highly critical of his predecessor Petro Poroshenko, but the ongoing war with Russia mean Zelenskyy has little option but to maintain Poroshenko's policies of Euro-Atlantic integration.

UkraineAlert by Oleksiy Goncharenko

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Fri, Jun 12, 2020

Akhtar as a moderator at the University of Lahore Centre for Security, Strategy and Policy Research: ‘The China-Pakistan Axis’ with Andrew Small

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Tue, Jun 9, 2020

Russian cyberattack on Georgia shows why the US should pass the Georgia Support Act

The US Senate could take a significant step toward helping its vulnerable ally by passing the Georgia Support Act and ensuring its provisions are met. The multitude of statements supporting Georgia and condemning the Russian attacks are, of course, a politically positive message for Georgia—but to think statements can change or deter the Kremlin’s behavior is beyond naïve. Concrete actions, such as the passage and signing of H.R.598 into law, would be a message of support backed with real weight.

New Atlanticist by George Tsereteli

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Thu, Jun 4, 2020

Fishman in Lawfare on how to fix America’s failing sanctions policy

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Wed, May 27, 2020

Herbst quoted by the Washington Post on the risk of Ukraine being drawn into the US election

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