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Jul 24, 2024

What Kamala Harris’s record in Central America and the Caribbean reveals about her foreign policy approach

By Jason Marczak

There are ample clues to what US foreign policy would look like with Harris as president in her work in the Americas over the past three-and-a-half years.

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New Atlanticist

Jul 18, 2024

What to expect from Ursula von der Leyen’s second term

By James Batchik

The European Parliament has given European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen a second term, but it will be different from her first in several important ways.

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Jul 17, 2024

How Tunisia’s upcoming presidential elections will erode its democracy

By Alissa Pavia

These elections will likely enable further consolidation of power and undo more than a decade of progress in building democratic institutions.

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Jul 16, 2024

Mezran in Institute for Global Studies: Abdelmajid Tebboune lifts reservations and announces his candidacy for the presidential election

By Atlantic Council

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Jul 15, 2024

Michta quoted in Le Figaro on the lack of compromise in US politics

On July 15, Andrew Michta, director and senior fellow in the Scowcroft Strategy Initiative, was quoted in the print edition of Le Figaro on the lack of compromise within current US politics.

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Jul 14, 2024

Charai in National Interest: The Assassination Attempt on Donald Trump and the Threat to Democracy

By Atlantic Council

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Jul 10, 2024

Michta in German Council on Foriegn Relations and RealClearWorld on Germany’s defense policy and the US presidential election

On June 25, Andrew Michta, director and senior fellow in the Scowcroft Strategy Initiative, was published in the German Council on Foreign Relations and RealClearWorld about Germany’s defense policy and how it may be impacted by the US presidential election. He underscored that Germany must commit to significantly expanding its defense industrial base so that […]

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Jul 10, 2024

Ullman in United Press International on the invasion of Normandy and the US presidential election

On June 5, Atlantic Council Senior Advisor Harlan Ullman published an op-ed for United Press International that reflects on the 80th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, the blockbuster movie Saving Private Ryan, and the upcoming US presidential election. 

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Jul 10, 2024

Syria’s inflated electorate is caused by phantom voters

By Vladimir Pran and Maroun Sfeir

The confusion over the true size of the electorate will certainly not be resolved in these elections.

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Jul 10, 2024

State of the Order: In June, the world’s alliances strengthened—but concerning risks for the democratic order remain

The State of the Order breaks down the month's most important events impacting the democratic world order.

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