Mar 22, 2023

Experts react: Elections postponed in Pakistan’s Punjab province

By South Asia Center and other experts

On March 22, 2023, the Election Commission of Pakistan announced a decision to delay elections in Punjab, the country’s most populous province. We asked experts to react to this decision.

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Mar 21, 2023

An imperative for women’s political leadership: Lessons from Brazil

By Valentina Sader, Isabel Bernhard

Women are essential to democracy, yet face systematic barriers to political entry and impact. Using the case of Brazil, we analyze the state of women’s political participation and of political violence against women. We propose timely, actionable approaches to reduce women’s unique political challenges and to further strengthen democratic health.

Americas Brazil

New Atlanticist

Mar 17, 2023

Montenegro’s presidential election is a litmus test of Russian influence in the Western Balkans

By Luka Ignac and Kevin Morris

Can Montenegro continue the regional trend of pro-Russian candidates and parties performing poorly? The international community should keep a close eye on this race.

Elections European Union

In the News

Mar 14, 2023

Bayoumi in The Diplomat discussing China’s meddling in Canada’s elections

Imran Bayoumi authors an article for The Diplomat discussing leaked reports that China meddled in Canada's 2021 elections.

China Democratic Transitions

New Atlanticist

Mar 6, 2023

Five takeaways from the Estonian elections, where security trumped inflation by a landslide

By Marie Jourdain

Prime Minister Kaja Kallas's victory showed how to build national cohesion, the future of electronic voting, and more.

Eastern Europe Economy & Business


Mar 6, 2023

Amid Pakistan’s political and economic turmoil, risks to curbs on digital freedoms grow

By Uzair Younus

Growing polarization and instability in Pakistan have increased the likelihood that as elections draw near, curbs on speech, largely limited thus far to television channels, may extend to internet platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Civil Society Elections

Fast Thinking

Mar 1, 2023

What’s in store for Nigeria after a messy election

By Atlantic Council

Why was the election so rocky, and what should the new president’s priorities be? Our experts share their insights.

Africa Democratic Transitions

New Atlanticist

Mar 1, 2023

Experts react: As the ruling party’s Tinubu wins a contested election, what’s next for Nigeria?

By Atlantic Council experts

What went wrong with election administration and what can Bola Tinubu do to win over his critics? Atlantic Council experts, one of whom served on the ground as an election monitor, weigh in.

Africa Democratic Transitions


Feb 16, 2023

Putin’s invasion shatters the myth of Russian-Ukrainian brotherhood

By Taras Kuzio

Vladimir Putin's genocidal invasion of Ukraine has shattered the myth of Russian-Ukrainian brotherhood and represents the point of no return in the relationship between the post-Soviet neighbors, writes Taras Kuzio.

Conflict Democratic Transitions

Issue Brief

Feb 1, 2023

Netanyahu’s coalition isn’t built to last: Expect high sparks within and fragile prospects for Israel’s incoming government

By Shalom Lipner

Competing agendas between the members of Israel's incoming government portend another unsustainable partnership.

Elections Israel