Mon, Jul 26, 2021

Chhibber on Business Standard: Ease vs cost of doing business in India

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Wed, Jul 21, 2021

Can we distribute the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic more equitably?

This piece follows three business owners in India whose livelihoods have been crippled by the COVID-19 pandemic. All of them are participants of the REVIVE initiative by Samhita.

SouthAsiaSource by Iti Bhargava and Ojas

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Wed, Jul 14, 2021

Goldin quoted in Politico on World Youth Skills Day

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Wed, Jul 14, 2021

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on how the WTO can tackle vaccine scarcity and global recovery

The unequal global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is fragile, warned World Trade Organization Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and “there’s one thing behind that all: The issue of vaccine equity.”

New Atlanticist by Katherine Walla

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Wed, Jul 14, 2021

Event recap: “REVIVING India’s informal workforce and entrepreneurs”

Overall, the pandemic transformed how we look at the needs of micro-entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, and those within the informal sector. It amplified the need to address the inequality within communities while also pushing various sectors, including commercial and non-profit, to push the boundaries on what recovery means. COVID-19 gave businesses opportunities to stand up for the most vulnerable. In doing so, the REVIVE alliance has helped set the stage for a new, resilient normal.

Event Recap by Ayra Khan

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Tue, Jul 13, 2021

Rallying the world’s democracies with ‘trusted connectivity’

As a framework for investments in global infrastructure by democratic nations, the concept of ‘trusted connectivity’ can serve as a counterweight to efforts like China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

New Atlanticist by Kaush Arha

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Thu, Jul 8, 2021

Forgotten places around the world: A call for action

Spatial inequality is in many ways a macro-critical issue, as it directly interferes with broader sustainable growth goals. As the new Biden administration works to develop solutions to boost rural economies, they need to ensure that all levels of government work closely together to actualize real change.

Issue Brief by Martin Mühleisen

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Wed, Jul 7, 2021

How rich countries can help Africa respond to the third wave of COVID-19

When the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meet July 9 and 10 in Venice, Italy, they have an opportunity to respond to Africa's third-wave crisis in a meaningful way. Will they take it?

New Atlanticist by Vasuki Shastry and Jeremy Mark

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Wed, Jun 23, 2021

The White House’s case for crafting a new industrial strategy

In a speech at the Atlantic Council, National Economic Council Director Brian Deese laid out why stronger government planning and investment will support Biden administration domestic and foreign policy.

New Atlanticist by Daniel Malloy

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Wed, Jun 23, 2021

Brian Deese on Biden’s vision for ‘a twenty-first-century American industrial strategy’

National Economic Council Director Brian Deese spoke about how the Biden administration can strengthen US economic recovery by working with the private sector and global allies.

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