Nov 10, 2022

Transcript: Nancy Pelosi and Kathy Castor speak after the midterm elections about the future of US leadership on climate change

By Atlantic Council

Pelosi and Castor joined the Atlantic Council in Sharm el Sheikh to discuss the United States' role in leading climate-change mitigation and adaptation.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment


Nov 9, 2022

Recommendations for a US Northeast hydrogen hub

By Joseph Webster

The US northeast, in particular, boasts several advantages in the Department of Energy’s search for suitable “hydrogen hubs,” including its offshore wind capacity; its emerging hydrogen-supportive supply chain; its diversity of use cases; and its world-class universities. But unanswered questions remain.

Energy & Environment Renewables & Advanced Energy

New Atlanticist

Nov 7, 2022

Live updates from COP27 as leaders battle climate change amid global crises

By Atlantic Council

Are global leaders heeding this year's wake-up calls with bold commitments at COP27? Our experts give their takes.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment

Event Recap

Nov 3, 2022

Turmoil and transition: Iraq twenty years after the invasion

By Madeline Hart and Nour Alhajjeh

An Atlantic Council conference on Iraq's security, environment, economy, and democratic institutions brought together high-level officials from across the region and the United States to explore innovative solutions.

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Issue Brief

Nov 3, 2022

Power projection: Accelerating the electrification of US military ground vehicles

By Reed Blakemore, Tate Nurkin

Reed Blakemore and Tate Nurkin highlight advantages and propose next steps of the electrification of US military ground vehicles in this Global Energy Center and Forward Defense issue brief.

Climate Change & Climate Action Defense Industry


Nov 2, 2022

A new Europe-MENA energy interdependence: The role of hydrogen

By Giampaolo Cantini

A deeper Europe-MENA relationship could aid a secure transition in Europe and create lucrative low-carbon export opportunities and industries in North Africa. Hydrogen could be the cornerstone of these new ties, and COP27 could be the perfect forum to develop them.

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance


Oct 25, 2022

Does the IRA make US offshore wind the “next big thing?”

By Joseph Webster and Elina Carpen

The Inflation Reduction Act sets the US clean energy industry up for rapid expansion, and offshore wind is no exception. Additional legislation could close remaining gaps and drive US offshore wind to the head of the energy transition.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment


Oct 14, 2022

Pathways for DOE-enabled grid innovation

By Ameya Hadap

The DOE was handed $10.5 billion for grid resilience and innovation by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Here are two of the areas in which they should use it.

Energy & Environment Energy Transitions


Oct 4, 2022

What to know about fusion

By Ameya Hadap

Key technological advances and rafts of private capital have made usable fusion energy a real possibility in the coming decades. Knowledge of the burgeoning industry will thus be essential for policymakers and the public alike.

Energy & Environment Nuclear Energy

In-Depth Research & Reports

Sep 13, 2022

Alternative battery chemistries and diversifying clean energy supply chains

By Reed Blakemore, Paddy Ryan, William Tobin

In an ecosystem of growth for batteries for grid storage and electric vehicle applications, alternatives to the lithium-ion battery chemistry may play an increasing role in alleviating supply chain woes and enabling deep decarbonization.

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