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Tue, Apr 13, 2021

Ukraine’s cultural revival faces political challenges

Efforts are underway in Ukraine to defend the independence and transparency of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund amid concerns in Ukrainian civil society that toxic political practices are making a comeback.

UkraineAlert by Kateryna Botanova

Civil Society Democratic Transitions

Fri, Apr 9, 2021

Jordan was never ‘boring.’ A vibrant protest movement has been ignored for too long.

The greatest risk to Jordan’s stability remains that political and economic reform has been delayed for too long, and the little space that remains for Jordanians to express their legitimate frustration and dissent is narrowing every day.

MENASource by Tuqa Nusairat

Civil Society Coronavirus

Wed, Apr 7, 2021

Dagres joins BBC to discuss the Iranian presence on Clubhouse

In the News

Civil Society Iran

Wed, Apr 7, 2021

The battle for Belarus: Russified regime faces Westernizing society

As the Russification of the Belarusian state unfolds, a very different dynamic is developing in Belarusian civil society: ordinary Belarusians are distancing themselves from Russia and embracing the West.

UkraineAlert by Brian Whitmore

Belarus Civil Society

Mon, Apr 5, 2021

Event recap: “Whose voices count on Afghanistan? The politics of knowledge production”

On April 1, 2021, the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center hosted an event on the politics of knowledge production in Afghanistan and how we can make the policy space more representative and reflective of the peoples, histories, and realities on the ground.

Event Recaps by Atlantic Council

Afghanistan Civil Society

Mon, Apr 5, 2021

US Mission to Saudi Arabia announces new women’s entrepreneurship program in partnership with Atlantic Council, AmCham Saudi Arabia, and Quantum Leaps

On March 31, the Atlantic Council’s empowerME initiative hosted an event in partnership with the US Mission to Saudi Arabia, AmCham Saudi Arabia's Women in Business Committee, and Quantum Leaps to mark the launch of their new joint program: IGNITING Women's Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Saudi Arabia.

MENASource by Allison Holle

Civil Society Education

Sat, Apr 3, 2021

Azodi quoted in VOA on the possibility of an Iranian referendum

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Civil Society Iran

Fri, Apr 2, 2021

Azodi quoted in PRI on Clubhouse propaganda in Iran

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Civil Society Iran

Thu, Apr 1, 2021

Davidzon in The Critic: Amnesty International is wrong to brand Alexei Navalny an anti-hero

In the News by Atlantic Council

Civil Society Corruption

Thu, Apr 1, 2021

Murtazashvili: The Endurance and Evolution of Afghan Customary Governance

In the News by Atlantic Council

Civil Society Corruption


Mon, Apr 19, 2021

Resisting repression: How culture inspires the democratic movement in Belarus

Online Event Artists, singers, and cultural advocates seek to inspire Belarusians to continue their fight. What are the important symbols that resonate most with Belarusians across the country?

12:00pm Belarus Civil Society Resilience & Society Youth

Wed, Apr 21, 2021

Post-pandemic South Asia: How the COVID-19 pandemic will affect Bangladesh’s politics, economy, and healthcare

Online Event The Atlantic Council's South Asia Center hosts a conversation on the future of Bangladesh’s economic, political, and healthcare landscapes in the context of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

8:00am Bangladesh Civil Society Coronavirus Economy & Business