WASHINGTON, D.C. —Today the Atlantic Council launched, an interactive online guide to track the Kremlin’s disinformation campaigns abroad. The portal brings together 23 top organizations and more than 80 experts fighting Russian disinformation in the United States and Europe, and is an initiative of the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center.  

The disinformation portal was designed for journalists, governments, and policymakers. It features expert content with multimedia content produced by the Atlantic Council and its partners explaining Russia’s ongoing influence operations. It also allows users to find and connect with experts by country, language, and expertise; view stories and reports from Atlantic Council partners; and explore in-depth country profiles. The portal complements and coordinates existing counter-disinformation efforts across the transatlantic community.

"It’s time to stop ‘admiring the problem’ of Russian disinformation and start fighting back, using the tools of democratic societies to counter the autocrat’s playbook," said Ambassador Daniel Fried, a Distinguished Fellow at the Atlantic Council. "The network launched today is a tool for all those ready to step up in this struggle, be they journalists in the Free World or activists under threat of authoritarians."

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As presidential elections in Mexico approach, candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador reached a new high of 48.12% voter support, according to a poll published on June 3rd by El Pais/Oraculus. Without runoff elections in Mexico, it is unlikely that José Antonio Meade’s coalition Todos por Mexico or Ricardo Anaya’s Por Mexico al Frente could effectively challenge AMLO’s lead. Continuing our series with advisers to Mexico’s top presidential candidates, the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center, in collaboration with the Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute, hosted Carlos Manuel Urzúa Macías, adviser to AMLO.

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