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The Freedom and Prosperity Equation

Sep 18, 2023

Violence against journalists: A tool to restrict press freedom in Mexico

By Sergio M. Alcocer and Jeziret S. González

Violence against human rights defenders and journalists is a long-term struggle for Mexico and happens every day with almost total impunity. Without freedom of the press, prosperity cannot be fully achieved.

Freedom and Prosperity Human Rights

The Freedom and Prosperity Equation

Sep 18, 2023

Mexico “Mostly Free”? Mexico “Mostly Prosperous”?: Uncovering shades of gray in the Freedom and Prosperity Indexes

By Vanessa Rubio-Marquez

Freedom and prosperity are fragile ideals that depend on many factors that must be protected and consistently adjusted. Particular attention must be paid to countries where warning signs of decline are present.

Democratic Transitions Freedom and Prosperity
A truck of the Mexican company Olympics bearing Mexican and U.S. flags approaches the border crossing into the U.S., in Laredo October 21, 2011. The Mexican transport truck carrying a ten-foot drill on Friday crossed into the United States and punitive tariffs were suspended as the two nations fulfilled a promise to resolve a longstanding trade dispute.

New Atlanticist

Jul 6, 2023

A midterm report card for Mexico’s USMCA progress

By Luz María de la Mora

With three years to go before the USMCA's review, here are the major challenges Mexico must face to maximize its benefits from the trade deal.

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In the News

Apr 26, 2023

Guevara in El Heraldo de Mexico on integration, interoperability, and resilience (in Spanish)

By Inigo Guevara Moyano

On April 11, TSI NRSF Inigo Guevara authored an op-ed in El Heraldo de Mexico that explores methods to enhance integration, interoperability, and resilience among allies and partners in response to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Mexico Security & Defense

In the News

Mar 14, 2023

Guevara in El Heraldo de Mexico on the global divide on responding to the war in Ukraine (in Spanish)

On February 24, TSI NRSF Inigo Guevara authored an op-ed in El Heraldo de Mexico that analyzed how the world is divided into three distinct groups with respect to differing responses to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine (text in Spanish).

Mexico Security & Defense

New Atlanticist

Feb 28, 2023

Mayors and governors will drive the future of North American economic integration

By Willow Fortunoff, Mary Ann Walker

Local leaders are forging ahead on initiatives that enhance North American economic collaboration. By excluding them from key international summits, national leaders are missing out on a big opportunity.

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Feb 27, 2023

Ten minutes at the border: Revving the US and Mexican economies

Atlantic Council research shows that a mere 10-minute reduction in wait times at the US-Mexico border can have increasingly positive effects on communities and economies on both sides of the border.

Mexico Trade

Issue Brief

Feb 27, 2023

Beyond the US-Mexico border: Destination of final goods, environmental impact, and future scenarios for border relations

By Atlantic Council

Three complementary analyses on the value and final destination of northbound commercial trade flows; the environmental impact of idling vehicles at the US-Mexico border; and three potential scenarion for the future of US-Mexico relations.

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Aviso LatAm: COVID-19

Feb 18, 2023

Aviso LatAm: February 18, 2023

For the first time in nearly three years, Brazil registered zero pandemic-related deaths in a day

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Feb 17, 2023

The transformative power of reduced wait times at the US-Mexico border: Economic benefits for border states

By Alejandro Brugués Rodríguez, Noé Arón Fuentes Flores, David Gaytan, John Gibson, Mayra Maldonado, Jason Marczak, Jorge Eduardo Mendoza Cota, José Ángel Moreno, Roberto Ransom, and Ignacia Ulloa-Peters

Atlantic Council's new data shows that a mere 10-minute reduction in wait times – without any additional action – can create thousands of Mexican jobs, grow the gross domestic product (GDP) of several Mexican states, and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new spending in the United States.

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