Harlan Ullman

Senior Adviser, Atlantic Council

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Dr. Harlan Ullman is senior adviser at the Atlantic Council. He chairs the Killowen Group that advises heads of government and industry and CNIGuard Ltd which is a UK-based high technology firm engaged in protection of critical infrastructure. An intellectual entrepreneur, he was the primary creator of the doctrine of "shock and awe" and is now advancing a "brains based approach to strategic thinking."  He is United Press International’s (UPI) Arnaud de Brochgrave distinguished columnist whose weekly column appears as far away as the Pakistan Daily Times; senior adviser at Business Executives for National Security (BENS); and sits on a number of public and private sector boards. His last book was A Handful of Bullets: How the Murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Still Menaces the Peace and his next book, due out in 2017 is Anatomy of Failure: Why America Loses Every War It Starts.