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Thu, Jul 22, 2021

Why ‘human security’ matters for tomorrow’s conflicts

NATO leaders are finally focusing on human security, a major step toward a broader vision of crisis management.

New Atlanticist by Sarah Dawn Petrin

Conflict Europe & Eurasia

Thu, Jul 15, 2021

Why China’s digital currency threatens the country’s tech giants

China's drive to develop technologies fueled by data has given its corporate crackdown a more profound purpose: to expand the data sources available to the government.

New Atlanticist by Jeremy Mark

China Digital Currencies

Thu, Jul 15, 2021

A US-UK hacking probe offers a fresh approach against Russia

The international collaboration underscores the importance of being carefully narrow about scoping cyberspace “red lines” in talks with the Russian government.

New Atlanticist by Justin Sherman

Cybersecurity Intelligence

Wed, Jul 14, 2021

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on how the WTO can tackle vaccine scarcity and global recovery

The unequal global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is fragile, warned World Trade Organization Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and “there’s one thing behind that all: The issue of vaccine equity.”

New Atlanticist by Katherine Walla

Africa Coronavirus

Tue, Jul 13, 2021

Rallying the world’s democracies with ‘trusted connectivity’

As a framework for investments in global infrastructure by democratic nations, the concept of ‘trusted connectivity’ can serve as a counterweight to efforts like China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

New Atlanticist by Kaush Arha

Economy & Business European Union

Fri, Jul 9, 2021

Caveat emptor: Lessons from China’s actions against Didi Global

By invoking national security to rein in Didi Global, China has substantially complicated matters for its companies listing overseas—and their investors.

New Atlanticist by Hung Tran

China Economy & Business

Wed, Jul 7, 2021

How rich countries can help Africa respond to the third wave of COVID-19

When the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meet July 9 and 10 in Venice, Italy, they have an opportunity to respond to Africa's third-wave crisis in a meaningful way. Will they take it?

New Atlanticist by Vasuki Shastry and Jeremy Mark

Africa Coronavirus

Thu, Jul 1, 2021

Policy memo: A digital agenda for the Three Seas Initiative Summit

The Three Seas nations should invest in digital infrastructure, nurture emerging technologies, and amplify the region's voice on policy. Here's how.

New Atlanticist by Frances Burwell, Jörn Fleck, James Batchik, and Luka Ignac

Central Europe Digital Policy

Thu, Jul 1, 2021

Estonian president: Our connected world needs a trusted architecture

Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid and Anne Neuberger, deputy US national security advisor for cyber and emerging technology, made the case for "trusted connectivity" at the Atlantic Council.

New Atlanticist by Nick Fouriezos

Cybersecurity Digital Policy

Thu, Jul 1, 2021

European policy toward Russia begins in the East

There are no countries in this ensemble of twenty-seven that are more legitimate than others, though perhaps those that are most threatened should be heard first and heeded.

New Atlanticist by Nicolas Tenzer

Eastern Europe Europe & Eurasia