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US-Colombia Advisory Group

The Atlantic Council’s US-Colombia Advisory Council, with Senators Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Bill Hagerty (R-TN) as honorary co-chairs, is a nonpartisan, binational, and multi-sectoral group committed to advancing a whole-of-society approach to addressing the most vital policy issues facing the US-Colombia relationship—with a recognition of the broader implications for bilateral interests across the region more broadly.

Voces de impacto: Conversations with US and Colombian leaders and changemakers

The Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center (AALAC) is sitting down with US and Colombian thought leaders and change agents to discuss their impactful work and creative solutions for communities and territories across Colombia.

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Voces de impacto: Conversations with US and Colombian leaders and changemakers

Join the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center for conversations that highlight traditionally underrepresented voices from across Colombian society.



May 29, 2024

What makes Colombian mercenaries so interesting?

By Alia Brahimi

Coming up this Thursday, in Season 2, Episode 2 of the Guns for Hire podcast, host Alia Brahimi is joined by Dr. Andrés Macías, a Bogota-based expert on Colombian mercenaries. They begin by looking at the explosive case of 26 Colombians arrested for their part in the 2021 assassination of the Haitian president, as well […]

Colombia Conflict

New Atlanticist

May 7, 2024

Colombia’s president must focus on economic stewardship in the second half of his term

By Enrique Millan-Mejia and Geoff Ramsey

President Gustavo Petro should adopt a steadier hand on domestic issues and a more cooperative stance toward international private sector investment.

Colombia Economy & Business

New Atlanticist

Feb 28, 2024

Irregular migration starts well before the US southern border. Focus on the driving causes of the problem.

By María Eugenia Brizuela de Avila

The United States must work with other countries in the Western Hemisphere to address the economic and security factors that drive migration.

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An aerial view of Quito, Ecuador


Jan 12, 2024

2024 predictions: How ten issues could shape the year in Latin America and the Caribbean

By Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center

How will the region ride a new wave of changing economic and political dynamics? Will the region sizzle or fizzle? Join in and be a part of our ten-question poll on the future of LAC.

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Nov 30, 2023

Advancing US-Colombia cooperation on drug policy and law enforcement

By Atlantic Council US-Colombia Advisory Group

Consumption and price of the drug has remained stable in the United States in recent years. However, the current trend of falling coca leaf and cocaine prices in Colombia present a natural incentive for coca growers to find alternative forms of income, which could mean a higher rate of success for alternative development programs.

Civil Society Colombia

New Atlanticist

Nov 13, 2023

What Colombia’s ambitious new anti-drug plan means for US relations

By Lucie Kneip and Geoff Ramsey

The Colombian government recently unveiled a new ten-year drug strategy, attempting to break from a half-century of policies that have failed to curb coca production.

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In the News

Oct 26, 2023

Global China Hub nonresident senior fellow Parsifal D’Sola quoted in the Financial Times

Global Senior Hub nonresident senior fellow Parsifal D’Sola quoted in the Financial Times discussing China’s ambitions in Latin America. He says, “[Gaining a foothold in Colombia] would help with the distribution of products and technology services, among other Chinese interests, and given Colombia’s historical ties to the US, it would be a diplomatic win for […]

China Colombia

New Atlanticist

Jun 30, 2023

Russian War Report: Kremlin denies that it targeted civilians in a missile attack on a pizza restaurant

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

A deadly Russian missile strike on a cafe in Kramatorsk leaves a dozen dead and more injured. Post-mutiny, Wagner's future in Africa is up in the air.

Africa Belarus

New Atlanticist

Apr 28, 2023

What’s going on in Colombia? A guide to Petro’s cabinet shake-up, Venezuela summit, and future US collaboration

By Geoff Ramsey, Isabel Chiriboga

Despite some friction, Colombia's conference on Venezuela highlighted the potential for Washington and Bogotá to work together.

Colombia Latin America

New Atlanticist

Apr 21, 2023

Can Colombia and the United States get on the same page?

By Atlantic Council experts

The two countries find themselves at odds on counternarcotics policy, but in synch on climate. Our experts break down the presidents' Oval Office meeting

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