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  • Bennett in The Hill: 9/11 and Millennials – Time for a New Direction

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  • Greg Douquet

    Greg Douquet 

    Nonresident Senior Fellow, Millennium Leadership Program

    Fairchild Ian

    Expert Connect

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  • Take Point Testimonials and Success Stories

    Alumni Success Stories

    Ben Kohlmann

    Starting this fall, Ben will attend Stanford's Graduate School of Business, a rigorous two-year program dedicated to creating world-changing leaders. Meanwhile, Kohlmann's nonprofit, the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, has signed an agreement to incubate with the Brent Scowcroft Center for International Security at the Atlantic Council.

    Matthew Zeller

     As the co-founder and...

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  • Application Opens for Year Three of Atlantic Council Veterans Take Point Initiative

    WASHINGTON, DC - The Atlantic Council is now accepting applications for its third class of Veterans Take Point Initiative fellows. The Take Point Initiative provides world-class training, professional networking and mentorship, and grants to post-9/11 veterans seeking to become nonprofit and thought leaders in international affairs. All eligible veterans are encouraged to apply at before October 1, 2016.

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  • Brexit and the Perverse Geopolitics of Leaving the European Union

    The result of the June 23 referendum in the United Kingdom could lead to the first instance of a member of the European Union leaving the Union’s ranks. Beyond the social and economic impact of such a decision, the move will have serious geopolitical consequences. And let us be clear from the start: the UK leaving the EU will lead to perverse geopolitical outcomes, some unpredictable but others already apparent. The UK is about to enter a world of power politics it has not inhabited for many decades and one in which former EU partners will have a very real and pressing incentive to compete with and to undermine the UK on various fronts, including on the status of Overseas Territories and the presence of financial services companies in London.

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  • Impressions from a Trip to Japan

    For one week in February, an Atlantic Council team and peers from Washington-based academic institutions and think tanks visited Tokyo, Hiroshima, Saijo, and Miyajima to learn about the culture, traditions, and international policies of Japan. We attended meetings with representatives of government agencies, private companies, and local think tanks. Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs sponsored the trip. What follows is a combination of our observations.

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  • The Korean Pivot and the Return of Great Power Politics in Northeast Asia

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    As China reemerges, Japan revitalizes, and the United States rebalances toward Asia, competition over Korea will likely return. In The Korean Pivot and the Return of Great Power Politics in Northeast Asia, Sungtae Jacky Park examines Korea's strategies toward great powers, discusses the future of the strategic dynamic on the Korean peninsula, explores the potential North Korean collapse scenario, and offers policy recommendations for the United States.

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  • Atlantic Council Announces Veteran Take Point Foreign Policy Challenge

    The Atlantic Council will offer three of its Veteran Take Point fellows the chance to present their innovative policy projects before a live audience of “Challenge Voters” on Friday, October 23, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. At the end of the competition, dubbed the Veterans Take Point Foreign Policy Challenge, audience members will vote to determine the recipient of $20,000 in seed funding. Each of the three presenters has developed a project that explores key policy issues, including veteran reintegration, refugee resettlement, and unconventional warfare, through different media.

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  • Application Opens for Year Two of Atlantic Council Veterans Take Point Initiative

    The Atlantic Council is taking the lead in developing the next generation of veteran foreign policy leaders. Through an intensive fellowship program dubbed “Take Point”, the Council and Bob Woodruff Foundation will offer professional training, networking, engagement with senior foreign policy heavyweights such as former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Gov. Jon Huntsman, and General James Cartwright, and $75,000 in seed funding to support veteran-run foreign policy initiatives. The Council is currently accepting applications for this program with a deadline of August 16 via

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  • United States Cannot Lead from Behind in the Arctic

    Even as the United States celebrates the beginning of its chairmanship of the Arctic Council, it hesitates to take leadership in the Arctic region. This reluctance highlights a dichotomy between US strategic interests in the Arctic and that of every other Arctic power which, if not addressed, increases the likelihood of regional instability. 

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