Iran Task Force

This project, chaired by Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat, seeks to perform a comprehensive analysis of Iran's internal political landscape—as well as its role in the region and globally.
  • Europeans Do Heavy Lifting on Iran Nuclear Negotiations

    As a June 30 deadline for a deal on Iran's nuclear program approaches, casual observers of the talks might be forgiven for thinking that this is mostly a duel between U.S. and Iranian negotiators.

    But without the participation of the so-called E-3 – Britain, France and Germany – nuclear diplomacy with Iran would probably never have gotten to this point and might not have happened at...

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  • Europe and the Iran Nuclear Deal

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  • Europe and the Iran Deal

    On May 26, the South Asia Center's Iran Task Force convened French Ambassador His Excellency Gérard Araud, British Ambassador His Excellency Sir Peter Westmacott, and German Ambassador His Excellency Peter Wittig for a discussion on the Iran nuclear negotiations. The event showcased the transatlantic partnership by highlighting the combined efforts of the E3 (France, Germany, United Kingdom),...
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  • Western Failure on Iran Deal May Cause Sanctions to Unravel

    European Ambassadors see “erosion” of sanctions regime if US Congress is viewed as cause of deal’s failure

    Failure to secure a deal that limits Iran’s nuclear program in return for phased sanctions relief could unravel a crippling sanctions regime on the Islamic Republic if that outcome is perceived to be the West’s fault, two European diplomats said May 26.

    “If we...

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  • Europe and the Iran Nuclear Deal

    The Atlantic Council's Iran Task Force invites you to a discussion with the Ambassadors of Britain, France and Germany about the role of the “E-3” in negotiating a nuclear...

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  • Framework for a Comprehensive Nuclear Agreement with Iran

    Following the landmark nuclear deal framework reached on April 2 between the P5+1 and Iran, the South Asia Center’s Iran Task Force hosted a conversation on April 3 to discuss the details and impact of the initial framework for Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action. Speakers included Clifford Kupchan, Chairman, Eurasia Group; Kelsey Davenport, Director for...
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  • Iran Deal: More Hard Work Ahead

    Obama administration faces uphill task with critics in Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Congress

    Now that world powers have struck a deal with Iran limiting Tehran’s nuclear program in return for phased sanctions relief, the Obama administration faces the uphill task of selling the agreement to US lawmakers as well as friends and allies in the Middle East.

    Members of...

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  • Atlantic Council Iran Task Force Applauds Herculean Efforts of P5+1 and Iran in Achieving a Framework for a Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action

    The Iran Task Force applauds the herculean efforts of the United States, the other four permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (P5+1) and Iran in achieving a framework for a Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action (CJPOA) limiting Iran's nuclear program and shutting off its principal pathways to developing nuclear weapons, in return for phased sanctions relief.

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  • A ‘Good' Deal with Iran, Says Pickering

    Veteran diplomat cites ‘a lot of advantages’ for the United States

    A deal announced April 2 limiting Iran’s nuclear program while preventing it from developing a nuclear bomb in exchange for lifting economic sanctions “looks like a very good agreement,” says former US Undersecretary of State Thomas Pickering.

    “My sense is that this is a good agreement and it has a...

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  • Pickering: Tougher Sanctions, Threat of War Not the Way Forward with Iran


    Former US diplomat says too much at stake in nuclear negotiations to walk away now

    Tougher sanctions and threats of military action are both bad options in the event talks to reach a deal on Iran’s nuclear program fail to produce results, said Thomas Pickering, a former US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs. He spoke as negotiators in Switzerland announced another...

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