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Event Recap June 16, 2021

Event recap | Reimagining education in a rapidly changing era

By the GeoTech Center

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Education is essential for ensuring individuals are prepared for both the jobs of today as well as the jobs of tomorrow. In the “GeoTech Decade,” where data and tech will have significant impacts on global geopolitics, competition, and collaborations, education is even more essential given exponential changes in digital systems, physical supply chains, health technologies, and commercial space solutions. It is essential to avoid being caught-up in the veneer of new technologies and losing focus on how people learn best.

On Wednesday, June 16, from 12:00 -1:00 p.m. EDT, as part of the weekly GeoTech Hour, the GeoTech Center hosted a discussion about teaching tech, data, and engineering in our exponential era ahead. Panelists discussed how to link education to the jobs of today and tomorrow to ensure people learn the necessary skills, abilities, and knowledge to succeed amid global change.


Bevon Moore
Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer

AnnMarie P. Thomas, PhD
Professor, School of Engineering and Schulze School of Entrepreneurship
University of St. Thomas

Bo Stjerne Thomsen
Chair, Learning Through Play
LEGO Foundation

Stephanie Wander
Deputy Director and Senior Fellow, GeoTech Center
Atlantic Council

Hosted by

David Bray, PhD
Director, GeoTech Center
Atlantic Council

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