A Year in the Life of Egypt’s Political Scene

One year since then-General (now-President) Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ousted Mohamed Morsi from the top seat of power in Egypt, the dynamic political scene has shifted decidedly in favor of proponents of the state and against the Islamist project. 

The resulting environment has led to not only a wholesale assault on supporters of the Morsi regime and the Muslim Brotherhood, but also on any form of dissent against the current order. Security forces have included students, academics, journalists, secular liberals, and activists in their policy of repressive stability backed by a public desperate to return to some semblance of order after the turbulent three years since January 25, 2011.

A number of significant events accompanied this total transformation of the Egyptian political landscape. Our sister blog, EgyptSource, chronicles the most significant changes since Morsi’s fall in a recent post titled, “One Year Later: Key Events since Morsi’s Ouster.” In it, a timeline detailing pivotal moments over the past year chronicles major changes in government, judicial developments, controversial legislation, and elections culminating to Sisi presidency. 

Follow Egypt’s rocky timeline here, and visit EgyptSource for the latest news and analysis.