Behind the Headlines: Libyans React to a Growing Crisis

The bloody conflict in Libya has scattered approximately 400,000 people across the country. The burden on Libyans increases every day that warring factions continue to bicker over power and that ISIS is allowed to solidify their foothold.  While UN-mediated peace talks drag, Libyans protest the inaction against ISIS and the disregard for the country’s well-being. The following Storify features local voices amidst the political games.

Image: Bernardino Leon, UN special envoy for Libya, attends a meeting with members of the Libyan General National Congress in Tripoli March 2, 2015. Libya's elected parliament agreed on Monday to return to UN-sponsored peace negotiations one week after pulling out and a delegate from its rival assembly said the talks would resume on Thursday. (REUTERS/Ismail Zitouni)