EconSource: Egypt approves draft law barring challenges to contracts

Follow the latest in economic news and developments about the Arab transition countries. 

Egypt’s cabinet approved a draft investment law on Thursday that prevents third parties from challenging contracts made between the government and an investor,a move that could boost the struggling economy. [Ahram]
Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde praised the economic reforms in Jordan, which come in line with the Kingdom’s credit worthiness agreement with the Fund. Lagarde said that the Fund is committed to providing financial and technical services to Jordan and is closely monitoring the repercussions of the Syrian crisis on the Middle East in general and on Jordan in particular. [JNA]
Tunisia’s central bank said on its website that foreign currency reserves stood at TND 11.01 billion ($6.97 billion) by April 8, equal to 99 days of import cover compared to 103 days at the same time a year earlier. [Reuters]  
The IMF today released a study entitled “Toward New Horizons—Arab Economic Transformation Amid Political Transitions,” which highlights the urgency of pursuing bold economic policy reforms to achieve economic stability and generate job-creating growth in the region. The study examines the economies of Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Yemen, Tunisia, and Libya and concludes that the near-term economic outlook continues to be challenging and that the priority for the coming year is maintaining economic stability. [IMF]
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