EconSource: Egypt’s Sisi risks popularity with fuel, electricity and cigarette price hikes

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President Sisi has risked his current popularity by fulfilling promises to cut subsidies and raise taxes in a belated attempt to balance the national budget. Widespread protests followed the surprise announcement on Friday night that petrol prices would rise by a minimum of 40 percent and up to 80 percent. Gas fuel, often used by taxis, would rise by 175 percent. Sisi went a step further on Sunday raising taxes on cigarettes and alcohol. Phased electricity rises were announced earlier last week. [Telegraph, Reuters]
In legislation announced at the end of last week, Tunisia’s state budget for 2013/2014 has been slashed by TND 350 million ($319 million US dollars), from TND 28.125 billion ($17.578 billion) to TND 27.775 ($17.259 billion). The government also said it was hoping to use the extra funds to create more job opportunities and reduce the country’s unemployment levels. [AAWSAT]
The 2014 budget places a range of restrictions intended to keep a deficit at a minimum level, including preventing the government from agreeing to new contracts and freezing public wages. Furthermore, the Cabinet has voiced “reservations” about Article 29 in the 2014 budget, which freezes all previous decisions to increase public salaries. [Libya Monitor, Libya Herald (sub.-required)]
Yemen’s income from oil exports tumbled by over 64 percent to $73.4 million in May from a year ago, due to attacks on an export pipeline, and the central bank’s foreign asset reserves shrank to their lowest since end-2011, data showed on Sunday. Yemen relies on crude oil exports to finance up to 70 percent of its budget. Sanaa has earned just $671 million from exporting its crude in January-May, nearly 40 percent less than in the same period last year, the central bank’s monthly report showed. [Reuters]
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