EconSource: Egypt Seeks $10.4 Billion Loan from IMF

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The Finance Minister Hani Qadri Demian started serious attempts to convince the government to file new requests to IMF to resume talks to get US$10.4 billion by 2015 with a 1-2 percent interest rate, especially that the fund praised the steps taken by the government regarding energy and commodities as well as the new tax measures that would increase the state resources. [Egypt Independent]


Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour said Saturday that his country’s economy is under-growing at its worst stages due to the influx of refugees from neighboring countries into the Kingdom. Ensour pointed out that his country is currently facing five economic challenges namely, energy, water, agriculture, refugees, and market instability. [MENAFN, JNA]


Given Libya’s immense natural resources, a highly educated (and small) population, as well as the country’s strategic location, the country has the means to achieve rapid growth as long as internal political stability is restored and institutional mechanisms are put in place to ensure that the country’s resources are properly managed. [AfDB]


In the face of the protracted political turmoil in the region that has been hampering policymaking and economic recovery, banking sector in the Arab Mediterranean region has shown extraordinary resilience according to rating agency Standard & Poor’s. Across all these countries domestic sovereign securities are the main instrument used for liquidity management. Banks play a crucial role in bridging the financing needs of the government, and this role has increased as sovereign creditworthiness has deteriorated. [Gulf News




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