Follow the latest in economic news and developments about the Arab transition countries. 

A government official confirmed that Egypt’s prime minister appointed former finance ministry official Hany Dimian as finance minister in the new government. Dimian worked as a top ministry official for more than five years until he resigned 10 months ago during the term of deposed President Mohamed Morsi. [Reuters
Prime Minister Ali Zeidan confirmed that he had only requested the approval of a six month budget from Congress. On Monday, the GNC  Budget, Finance and Planning Committee had reviewed the government’s 2014 budget proposal and had decided to ask both the GNC and the government to provide further details and explanations regarding the conflicting statements between the Central Bank of Libya and the government about the 2014 budget. [Libya Herald]
The private sector consultation on the project of simplifying administrative procedures governing the exercise of economic activities was launched on Thursday in Tunis. Initiated by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) with financial support from Switzerland, this project aims to reduce the administrative burden on businesses and improve their competitiveness and their contribution to growth and to job creation. [Kapitalis (French), TAP]
A draft law promises to revamp Morocco’s public-private partnerships (PPP) regime, unlocking new funding possibilities for social and educational infrastructure. Morocco has an attractive legal framework and significant PPP experience in industrial and commercial public services. But the particularities of social PPPs mean they require thorough investigation to ensure the partnerships are a success. [IFLR, sub.-required]
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