Follow the latest in economic news and developments about the Arab transition countries. 

According to a report by the Yemen Central Bank, Yemen oil revenues declined by about $87 million in the past year. The report tracked oil revenue from January 2013 to January 2014.  The oil revenue was down to $21,477 million in January 2014. Oil revenue amounted to $30,168 million in January 2013. [Yemen Times, Reuters]  
The Income and Sales Tax Department on Saturday will start the disbursement of payments under the first tranche of targeted fuel compensation to employed and unemployed Jordanian heads of families who work in the private sector as conditions apply. [Jordan Times]
Omar Shakmak, acting Minister of Oil, said that the embargo of the oil terminals in eastern Libya had had a “serious negative impact” on national revenues and the budget. Shakmak said that in the second half of 2013 revenues had declined by more than $ 8bn, or approximately LYD 11-12 billion. [Libya Herald]
A ministerial meeting Thursday recommended revising Tunisia’s trade policy in the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the course of 2015, the Prime Ministry indicated in a press release. The meeting, chaired by Minister in charge of Co-ordination and Monitoring of Economic Affairs Nidhal Ouerfelli, urged the concerned ministries to take the necessary measures and set up a committee tasked with the file. [TAP, LM (French)]
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